What to do first in Anno1777

First of all let me pat you on the back for the decision you took. Now that you are a part of Anno1777 you need to learn the first things to do in this game.

As a new player you will depend mostly on the Government Bonuses your country will pay to it’s citizens. The more you develop in this economic simulator the more streams of income you will have, but in the very beginning there will only be four:

  • attacking other players
  • selling direct slaves
  • working for companies
  • cashing the bonuses your Government gives to the citizens


1. Attacking other players

The First thing to do is to go and attack another player. There is nothing complicated here, you will always win because the system will show you only players that you can beat, also the player that you attacked won’t loose anything. The fight will last 20 minutes during which you can not attack any other player, you can not work, you can not travel and you can not be attacked by other players. In order to attack a player go to the Fight menu on the left side. When you attack a player the Government will pay you a bonus based on your wellness, so this is the first way of making money.

2. Selling your slaves

The player you just attacked will become your slave meaning that he will pay you taxes for as long as you you keep him. You can decide to keep him or you can sell him, in 99% of the cases it’s not worth it to keep him because by the time he make’s you any money he will be attacked and become someone else’s slave so you will loose him. Instead what you should with him is to sell him on the market and if you set the right price they sell like hotcakes. The price you should sell it is the smallest price on the market but check if there are at least 15-20 slaves at this price otherwise you can sell it with 0.01 more. Keep in mind that the price you will sell him is in gold, your wellness doesn’t matter as you will always get price you asked for minus the tax so check that the tax is 0.01 gold (it rarely changes but you should check it every once in a while). You can sell your slave immediately after you attacked him, you don’t have to wait for the fight to finish. In order to sell your slaves go to the Fight menu then click on Slaves and the Sell next to the slave you want to sell. In order to see the price for the slaves go the Slave Market. Selling the players you attacked is the second way to earn money in your first days.

3. Working

You should keep attacking players every 20 minutes as long as you stay logged in to maximize your earnings. When you will be offline for more hours at a time you should go to work for a company. There is no prerequisite except for the fact that you can only work once every 24 hours. So if you worked yesterday at 3:27PM you can only work starting from today at 3:27 PM. The working day lasts 8 hours and during this time you can not attack, you can not travel and you can not be attacked.

Every company shows it’s hourly wage for a player with 100% productivity. You as a new player will only have 10% productivity so if the salary is 2 USD you will earn 1.6 USD for the entire day (2 USD*8 hours*10% prod).

To understand exactly how your salary is calculated there are a few things you should know so let’s take them one at a time:

  • wellness – it is increased by certain products, it can not go over 100% or under 10%. There are a lot to be said about wellness and we will talk about it in depth in another tutorial.
  • productivity – your productivity is calculated based on your wellness and economic score. Productivity = (wellness+economic score)/2
  • economic score – your economic score is calculated based on the amount o days you have worked. It drops everyday by 1 (no matter if you work or not) and it increase by 2 every day you work, so in order to increase it and maintain it you have to work and keep working.

For every 5 consecutive days you have worked you will receive a bonus from the government, in Malta it’s 100 MTL. As you know if you worked yesterday at 4:30 PM you can work again today starting from 4:30PM and if you begin your work day before tomorrow at 4:30 PM it is considered as a consecutive day.


4. Government Bonuses

There are 5 bonuses offered by the Government:

  • The Attack Bonus – for each player you attack you will receive this bonus, the more players you attack the more money you will make to advance in the game and increase your income streams.
  • Direct Slaves Bonus – for every direct slave you own you will receive this bonus. This is the reason that you can sell the players you attack on the slave market. You shouldn’t buy slaves just yet because you can only make money if you have 100% wellness otherwise your spending will be bigger than your profits.
  • Referrer Bonus – let all you friends know about Anno1777 and you will earn bonuses for life from them (or as long as you don’t sell them). You will find the referral link on the Affiliates page.
  • Complete Profile – this is a social game after all so if you complete your profile with the details and pictures you will receive this bonus daily.
  • Work Bonus – you will receive this bonus every 5 days as long as you have worked 5 consecutive days. If you miss one day you’ll have to start over.

You should keep in mind that the amount of money you will receive is based on the wellness you have so if the bonus is 100 MTL and you only have 10% wellness you will only receive 10 MTL. Also the bonuses that are not paid automatically can be cashed on the Bonuses page so don’t forget to visit it daily.

So these are the ways you will earn money in your first days. Keep reading the tutorials to learn about more complex and rewarding income sources.

P.S. Even though we talked about only 4 income sources there are a lot more even if you started playing the game 5 minutes ago. Read The second thing to do in Anno1777 so you can see how to earn more money from the same income sources we’ve talked about in this tutorial. And remember, there are a lot more things you can do to earn money and advance faster in the game, you just have to use your brain to find them. Good Luck!


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