The second thing to do in Anno1777

Now that you are familiar with your first income sources it’s time to increase the amount of money you get from Bonuses. And no, we are not going to talk about how to increase your wellness, or at least not just yet.

To increase your bonuses you have to change your citizenship and move to one of the Private Islands like Malta. The big islands will almost certainly pay bigger bonuses than your current country because everything is much better organized, the budget has more sources of income, the Government will be the same most of the time and this means stability, in the worst case scenario if the budget runs out of money the owner could easily invest in the budget to keep on track, this won’t happen in any country and once the budget runs out of money it will take days for it to get back on track, sometimes even weeks.

The first thing you have to do is check how big the bonuses in your country are and compare them with other Private Territories (also known as Islands). You can only request a citizenship to a Private Territory, you can not change your citizenship to another country, say you are a USA citizen you can not become an UK citizen or any other country for that matter.

You may have already noticed that there are 3 main currencies in Anno1777: Euro (which has the exact same value as the real life Euro), GOLD and Local Currencies (the currency of each country). Each local currency has a different value so 10 USD is not the same with 10 GBP or 10 JPY (just like in RL). So in order to know the exact value of the bonuses and taxes of your country and of the Private Territories you have to convert their value in GOLD, the formula is: Bonus Value/Gold Value.

So for example if the bonus in USA for one fight is 0.5 USD in gold that would mean 0.5/20=0.025 GOLD. In Malta for example the bonus is 1 MLT and in gold it is 1/29=0.0345. Let’s take another example, the work bonus in USA is 50 USD so 50/20= 2.5 gold, in Malta it’s 100 MTL 100/30=3.33 gold these being the two most important bonuses it is clearly that in Malta you will prosper faster that in USA. And keep in mind that if the budget of your country drops below 1000 you will not receive the bonuses, this almost never happens with the Islands. You should check the taxes as well, you receive bonuses from the government but you also have to pay your taxes. The most important tax will be the Personal Income Tax which in Malta is very low, only 1% as opposed to 10% as most countries have it set at.

You will see what bonuses your Government is paying on the Home page but to see the bonuses paid by the PrivateLands you have to go to Private Territories (the button is on the left side, just look for it, you will find it).

Before you choose your private territory you have to check other factors as well because not all private territories are built receive citizens, or at least not yet.

what should you check when searching for a Private Island, besides the bonuses:

  • that there are at least 5 companies opened with at least 20 workplaces, anything lower than that it means that sometimes you may not find work on that Island. Also this island is very poorly developed or at its infancy and you should avoid this.
  • check how many citizens are on that Island.
  • check how big the budget of the island is, generally it should be at least 10.000 Local Currency.
  • check the taxes. As a new player you will pay very few taxes but the way the taxes are set up says much about the owner. You are not interested in the taxes that the companies are paying (import-export taxes and product taxes), you are interested in the: Personal Income Tax (which should be about 1%), Unblocked slaves transaction tax (this should never be higher than 0.01), the other taxes are not important right now.
  • check the miscellaneous page to see if the island accepts new citizens and what is the minimum wellness for receiving bonuses and if it’s bigger than 40 it will be harder for you to maintain so avoid this.
  • and last but not least check how many Regions the Island has. This shows the real power of an Island because the more regions it has the more military power and raw materials it has and these are the most important things in the game. Not to be bragging but Malta has 2 to 3 times more regions than any other Private Island or Country.

You now know how to choose your Fiscal Paradise so start searching for it and keep in mind that Malta is a sure fire place to find it.


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