What is the Wellness?

Wellness… a very important factor in the game, it influences almost all of your incomes and most companies sell products that are meant to increase a player’s wellness. No doubt without it the game would have been much more boring and lifeless.

What other factors are affected by wellness?

  • Attack/Defense Power
  • Work Productivity
  • Percentage of taxes you collect from your slaves
  • Percentage of bonuses you get from the Government

Your wellness can get to maximum 100 and can not get lower than 10. Wellness increases when you consume food, wine, if you are dressed, if you live in a house or if you read newspapers. A meal can give you between 1 and 5 wellness points. A bottle of wine between 1 and 25 points, depending of the wine’s age and clothes between 1 and 50 points every day. The house you live in can provide between 5 and 25 wellness points/day and a newspaper article will provide 0.5 points. The points you receive are based on the quality of the products you purchased (Q1 – Q5)

Wellness drops every hour automatically regardless of your activity and it also drops based on your actions like working, where it drops by 8% or attacking another player (it drops by 1%) o fighting in a war (it drops by 10%).

The best way to keep your wellness up.

This is not a “one size fits all answer”. The best way of keeping your wellness up is based almost entirely on your incomes. Maintaining it constantly at 100% it is very expensive. However keeping it at levels around 50% can be pretty affordable.

When you’re starting out the cheapest way to maintain a decent wellness is by renting a house. If you rent a Q5 house your wellness will increase to 44% and it will not drop below this value unless you work or fight. The wellness will not increase instantly but each hour until it reaches to about 44%. You should calculate if based on the salaries, bonuses and your productivity you’ll make more money on the extra 34% than you spend that day for renting the house.

If the salaries are high enough or you will receive the work bonus you can buy a wine bottle to instantly boost your wellness with 25 points (as long as the wine is old enough). You can only buy wine once every 24 hours.

If your incomes are high enough you can buy a complete set of Q5 clothes which will increase your wellness to a constant 77%. Like the houses it will not give you instant wellness.

If you really need high wellness than you should also purchase food, however you may buy it even if you don’t have clothes or a house but it’s not as effective as them. You can eat 4 portions of food in 24 hours one every 6 hours. The wellness will be given instantly when the time to eat has come which is displayed in your inventory.

If you need fast and instant wellness you can go to a war and purchase a package from there. There are four packages: 25 points of power – 0.25 Euro; 50 points – 0.50 Euro; 75 points – 0.75 Euro and 90 points at 0.90 Euro. These are very expensive and usually used only when fighting in wars.

So every player will benefit from an increase in it’s wellness, be it a total newbie or a veteran. Some will need more, some will need less. How much is the best for you? Only you know the answer.

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