Description of the First Page

At the top there is a search bar used for searching other players, companies and articles which provide us information about them. Under the search bar we have the alert bar. By the time we make a transaction or a slave of us is atacked/lost, we get informed there.

After the alert bar we have the main buttons:
Statistics and summary
Financial Reports & Accountant – here you can find information about your budget, shares that you own and bank accounts from ANNO. Here you can also load your account with real money or you can withdraw real money earned in game.
Presidency and Government – here you can find information about the leaders chosen among other players, you can see the laws, you can trace the budgetary statistics of the game, and every month you can vote for the new president and governors
Pics, profile & Inventory – here you can find information about your inventory (food, weapons, clothes, houses, etc) and your profile
Help & Forum – here you can find a forum that helps the admin to keep in touch with the players.

Under these buttons we have statistics about the zone we are at the moment, number of slaves that we have in possession, and if we have or not a stable domicile. (rented or bought a house)

In the left side under the wellness bar and the EURO, Gold and currency balance
Home – Main page
Fight – Here you can conquer slaves
Jobs – Earn your money by working
Goods – Buy different stuff to grow your wellness
Services – Here you can buy lottery tickets to win money (if you’re lucky). At the moment only lotteries are activated.
Real estate – Here you can buy/sell or rent a house
Financial Market – Here you can make financial transactions, transactions with shares, load your account or take loan from bank.
Slaves Market – Here you can sell/buy slaves.
Ratings – Here you can find information about players and their companies
My companies – Here you can start your own bussiness and administrate your own companies.
Advertisement – Here you can rent advertisement spots on the site, but only intern links are allowed.
Bonuses – Here you can claim your daily bonuses
Affiliates – Based on your affiliates link you can invite other players to join the game from which you will gain a permanent 10% of their earnings.
Partners – Here you can buy/sell game shares.

In the right side of the page there are the advertisement spots where you can find ads from different players that paid a sum of money to make themselves known or their articles/products.


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