How 2 print a Magazine/Newspaper

If you’ve opened a company whose activity is newspapers / magazines and do not know what to do further,you`re in the right place to get documentation.
To print a newspaper / magazine should do the following steps:
1. Buy Magazines Means of Production[you find the Goods – Machines]
2. Buy Paper [Goods – Raw materials]
3. Go to Management -Administration – Workplaces and active work and wages.For these three operations you need local money in your company! Go-Invest to Financial Operations / withdraw money writing Golden amount you wish to invest in a company, after which turn gold in currency [on the same page of the Buy / Sell Gold]!
When work is busy you have stock newspapers and you can publish articles.
Go to my company-Administration-Management Articles:
Previously, it’s good to set your selling prices for various items go to Administration-Management-Products-Prices
Administration-Administration-write the article-writing articles article

Optional but very necessary to have a market more and more customers, you can open more branches. Cost for a branch is 1 Euro, which are withdraw from player account, and not from the company.


1. You want to write many articles, but they will be published at a time. One item every 6 hours
2. Remember to set what you want to defend the article [local or international media]
3. If the article you wrote or obscene texts contain adult images, remember to set this category.


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