The mechanisms of the game

Before starting talking about economics or finance, let’s review the mechanisms of the game. You will find here answers to questions like Why do I have to consume products? or Why do I have a lower salary than other players?. Each player has five indicators that characterize its status at a certain point in time. These are strength, the economic score, military score, attack points and defense points. By far, the most important indicator is strength. Based on it, you can calculate how productive you are at work, how much force you have in a confrontation, as well as the taxes you take from slaves. Remember that when you attack a player and he loses the confrontation, he automatically becomes your slave. Since then he will pay you a tax from all revenues he has. Slaves are one of the most important sources of income in the game. Not only do you get a tax from them but I can sell or buy them on a free market. The taxes you take from slaves are calculated depending on the strength. Therefore, in order to better understand the mechanisms of the game , we will talk in this site about the importance of the five indicators: Strength, Economic score and productivit, Military score and duration of battles, The attack points and the total attack, Defense points and total defense


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