Bonuses and why are they important

Bonuses are incentives granted by the elected government to players when they meet certain requirements.Bonuses are paid from the budget.The two key elements of a budget are revenues and expenses ; revenues are derived primarily from taxes . When expenses exceed a budget revenues , the governement goes broke, this means that bonuses will no longer be paid until the budget is stabilized. Bonuses in the game are mostly related to players activities , attack bonus ,  or work bonus for example ensure that players are paid for their activities , if these bonuses were to seize being paid players will no longer be encouraged to attack or work, therefore the economy will be affected and the consumption of goods will fall ,basically that country will freeze. You can understand now why is extremely important for a government in Anno1777 to maintain a balance between revenues and expenses.

There are 5 types of bonuses in Anno1777

1. Attack bonus – every time a player wins a fight he receives a bonus , according to it’s wellness.
Example : if the attack bonus granted by the government in USA is 2 USD and our attacker has 50% wellness he will receive 1 USD for his successfull attack.This bonus is paid instantly by the budget everytime a player succeeds attacking a target.

2.Direct slave bonus ( Slaves owner bonus) – for every direct slave you own the budget pays you a bonus according to your wellness , direct slaves can be aquired by means of attack or by aquisition from the Slave market. You can collect this bonus once every 24 hours by going to the Bonuses tab in the main menu.

3.Referrer Bonus – for every permanent slave you own the budget pays you a bonus according to your wellness. Permanent slaves are aquired when a player enlists in the game through your refferal link or they can be purchased from the Slave Market/ Permanent slaves section.This bonus can also be collected only once every 24 hours.

4.Complete profile bonus – You are entitled to this bonus if your profile/pics is/are fully updated and approved by the government of your country.You can collect this bonus once every 24 hours by going to the Bonuses tab in the main menu.

5.Work bonus – the government encourages people to owrk by granting the work bonus. You will become eligible for this bonus after 5 days of work in a row. This bonus is also paid according to your wellness and is collected automatically .

– You receive bonuses only if the budget is stable, even if you become eligible for a bonus if there are no money in the budget you will receive 0 amount of money .
– There are timed bonuses ( collected once every 24 hours) and instant paid bonuses.
– Each player has a citizenship which determines the currency in wich players collect their bonuses.
– Bonuses are paid without restricting players to a certain location. You can be anywhere in the world of Anno1777 and  still be able to collect your bonus.
-There is no limit to how much money you can cash in from the government as bonus .


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