First day in ANNO

It’s your first day in anno and have no idea how to start making some money. You’re balance is 0 and you don’t plan on investing any money until you figure out the game. Well then we better get to work. We can start attacking as soon as we’ve created the account and logged in , obviously. We can do that by going  to the fight tab, a series of targets will be displayed , choose one with strength same as yours and click on the attack tab. If you’re attack was succesfull ( and they usually are) you should have just conquered you’re first slave and also cashed in a bonus in local currency. Each goverment pays a bonus for every fight you win.  Our new conquered slave will be immune to attacks for a period of 20 minutes, during this time you could/should sell him on the slave market , so you wont lose it , wich will probably happen sooner or later.

If in youre country the attack bonus is 2 USD for example you will get that bonus according to your wellness stats , if your wellnes is at 100% you will get 2 USD if it’s at 10% you’ll get 0.2 USD if it’s at 50% youll get 1 USD.

Now you understand why it’s important to keep youre wellness as close to 100% as possible (wich will be very difficult, but you can maintain 70% wellness with a full set of clothes , q5 wich means quality lvl 5 , and a rented house that can provide another 5 points of wellnes within a day period ).

Since you’ ve just begun playing you’re wellnes is probably at 10%, so the only thing we can do in our first day is to attack and sell the slaves we conquered on the slave market. To do that we’ll go to the slave market tab and check the prices first. They usually sell for around 0.2 gold going up till 0.9 depending on the bonus awarded by the goverment of youre country ( this bonus greatly influences the slave market prices , i will explain in another tutorial why).

Let’s do some math now. We can attack once every 20 minutes this means 3 attacks/hour or 30 attacks/10 hours assuming we can maintain a 10%  wellness during this time we will gain from the goverment buget 0.2 usd x30 attacks = 6 usd , assuming we manage to sell all the slaves we’ve conquered we will get another 0.6 gold (30 slaves x 0.2 = 0.6 gold) at current rating this means another 13 usd so a total of 20 usd for 10 hours of work in anno that’s not a lot but it’s a start , and don’t forget it’s only youre first day, tomorrow youll be able to buy some items that will increase your wellness.

1. Newspaper – Every time you read an article you get between 0.2 and 1 wellness points based on the articles quality. You can get a maximum of 10 wellness points per day this way.

2. Food – Each meal increases your wellness based on its quality. Food provides between 1 and 5 wellness points/meal. You may have maximum 4 meals/day.

3. Clothes – Based on its quality a piece of cloth can be worn a certain amount of time. Every day you wear a clothing item you will get a wellness bonus based on the type of cloth and quality.  Quality 5 clothes will award you 5 points of wellness everyday and will last you for 30 days, a full set consists of 10 cloth articles and will give you 50 wellness every day.

4.Wine – Grants instantly between 1-60 points of wellness depending on how old the bottle is. You can drink wine only once every 24 hours so make it count, it’s usually expensive but well worth it if you know when to buy it.

When we’re done attacking we need to do one last thing and that is to WORK . In time working everyday wil give us considerable amounts of money and an increase in our productivity .

How do i work ? easy .. go to the “Jobs” tab  , select the first job available and start working, this will keep us busy for the next 8 hours and will also increase our wallet with another 2maybe 3 USD , salary is related to our productivity , the more productivity we have the more money we’ll get, at 100% productivity we will get 20 maybe 24 USD , depending on what salary we are being paid.

That’s about all you should know for your first day, hope this tutorial was comprehensive for everyone. Good luck in anno.


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