Make money fighting in Anno1777 WARS

Written by ANNO1777 Team on 10, Jun, 2011
As we have promised you to come back soon with another insider we are.
Before i will talk about the main subject today,i would like to point a few things for all the players who keep talking about a specific -admin- when they talk about Anno1777. Anno1777 has a team behind that works many hours a day and each member of our staff has his own responsibility .While some of you seemed unhappy about the games short time plans , i would like everyone to know that the staff who is in charge of developing the game is not also responsible to resolve the bugs.We continue to try fix the bugs in the game but being such a complex game it takes time and patience. Once again i will reassure you that this summer will be the end of the beta unstable version for Anno1777.Now i would like to tell u the subject of todays insider. As many of you could notice by now -war- in Anno1777 is a very profitable business. And i will explain for everyone who does not see that as a business, how you can make money fighting in Anno1777 wars.To participate in a war you must:- own at least one attack weapon and at least one defense weapon

– travel in the region where the fight is taking place

– have at least 25 % wellness

– be a citizen of the attackers country[ or its allies] or be a citizen of the defenders country[or its allies]

Any person from any country can start a war between his / her own country and any other non-alied country. Opening the war costs only 1 GOLD. The citizens who will subscribe to fight in an opened war do not pay anything. You will simple travel in the region where a war is taking place and fight.The war will last 24 hours during time you can have more fights. Every time you fight your wellness will decrease with 10%, minimum 5 points . If you want to keep your wellness level high you can buy wellness packages of 25%, 50%, 75% and 90 % [you can do this right on the war page].

The damage you cause is bigger if your wellness level is higher so we do recommend to try keep your wellness higher during your war fights. The same rules apply for the defenders of the attacked region.If the damage you cause is 20,000 damage points you will receive a Private medal and 1 gold, at 40,000 damage points you will receive a Corporal Medal and 1 more gold and so on until 4,000.000 points.

If the attackers damage points are bigger then the defenders damage points ,not only they win the war and the region but they will own the region they attacked. This region cannot be attacked for 10 days. During this time all the resources from the won region will be used by the attackers who have won it . The country who INITIALLY owned the region will pay 5% of its budget income to the winners of the war. Based on your contribution[influence] to win this war you will have a percent from this 5 % at every transaction or activity.

By influence we mean the final players damage percent in the total damage of the war . Lets say the total attackers damage in a war is 100,000 points and your damage is 10,000 points at the end of the war – you will end the war with an influence of 10%. Based on this influence you will receive 0.5%[10 % of 5%] from every budget income of the losing country.

For example : Canada attacks Hungary for region New York [INITIALLY OWNED by USA]and wins the war. Player X fights until he reaches 30,000 damages points . Player X wins 2 medals [2 gold] and lets say his influence in this war is 20 % . USA will pay 5% from its budget income to all players that fought for Canada and its allies . Player X will receive 20% from those 5% payed by USA.If instead Canada loses the war , USA will continue to pay 5% of its budget income to all players that defended New York. Based on our records most of the regions are attacked every 4 weeks ..sometimes even 8 weeks. So you could easily spend 8 gold [1 euro ] on opening a war and receive from 20 to 100 gold or even more , depending on the period you own the region.Do not forget that the game fund pays 1 gold /day /region to all region owners[players that started and won the war for that region]

We hope this will be helpful for you and we wish you good luck.

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