Slimming tablets

Slimming tablets¬†is any pharmaceutical that has the effect of suppressing appetite, speeding up a patient’s metabolism, or affecting it’s absorption of calories. They are generally used by obese patients in an attempt to lose weight. However, many patients do not benefit from such medication and are directed towards healthier alternatives, such as having a better diet and doing more exercise. All¬†Slimming tablets have adverse side effects, and for a physician to recommend their use, the risk from the side effects have to be outweighed by the benefits of the possible weight loss.

The only slimming tablets currently approved by the FDA for long term use is orlistat, which prevents the body from absorbing fat in the diet. Another common drug is sibutrimine, which suppresses appetite. One of the newer appetite suppressants is rimonabant. Metformin, which affects sugar uptake in the liver, is often found to be safe and effective in obese patients with diabetes mellitus.


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