High Roller Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos and poker rooms these days offer bonuses to attract players and then offer further bonuses and promotions to keep them at the gaming site. There are also a lot of high roller casinos which offer special high roller bonuses and these are what this article is about.

By standard Casino bonus I mean the type of bonus which you will typically see on the front page of the casino or poker room site, for example at Joyland Casino they have a standard welcome bonus of £300 which is great but they also have a high roller bonus of £850!

There are however some major differences in how these bonuses get paid out. Most standard casino bonuses work on the principle of a matched bonus. For example at Joyland Casino they will match your initial deposit by 30% up to a maximum amount of £300. In other words if you deposit £1000 then they will put an additional £300 into your gaming account. The minimum amount you can deposit to get this bonus is £20. The percentage which is matched and the maximum and minimum limits vary form casino to casino put the basic principle is almost always the same. Now to prevent people just taking the extra £300 and running the casino set certain wagering requirements which must be met before the money can be withdrawn. At Joyland Casino you are required to wager 30 times your deposit plus the bonus so if you deposited £100 and received a £30 deposit you would need to wager for £3900 before you could take out the £30 bonus money. This sounds like a lot but in reality you will find that you will soon have wagered for this amount, it should on average only take about 150 games to reach the limit and assuming you have luck on your side you should still have some of the money left. In addition to the wagering requirement you will also find that some games are excluded form the casino bonus, in fact at Joyland only Slots games qualify towards the bonus, but certainly almost all welcome bonuses exclude blackjack for example.

The high roller casino bonus is along the same lines as the welcome casino bonus except it is for a lot more money. At Joylands Casino you need to deposit £5000 to receive the high roller bonus which is £850. The same restrictions exist as for the standard casino bonus but the amount of bonus is far higher. The standard welcome bonus is only up to a maximum of £300 whilst the high roller casino bonus is £850.

The bottom line with bonuses is to ALWAYS check the terms and conditions before signing up to them, for example at Joyland Casino there is little point signing up to either the £300 welcome bonus or the high roller casino bonus if you don’t intend to play on the slots as you will never meet the wagering requirements to be able to withdraw the money but if you like slots then it is avery nice boost to your bankroll and by all means you should take part.


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