How to create a Company in Anno1777

OK, so this is a freakishly long tutorial to tell you how to go to My Companies menu and click the OPEN company button. I could have done it this short, honestly; but I made this in depth tutorial to show you everything need to know from clicking the OPEN button to making your first product. Read it till the end because I’ll also show you how to save up to 40% of the costs of opening a company.

Which Company is Right for you?

Before everything else you have to decide what company you need to open. You’ll have to do some market research and find out what your country needs, your profit will be much smaller if you open a company in a niche that already has lots of products and high competition, not only you will sell less products but cheaper as well so this is pretty vital.

Every Country and Private Territory will be different so you have to do the research on your own, factors you should take in consideration are: how many products are on the market in a certain niche, how often do they sell, how expensive the products are (is it food or tools), how expensive the raw materials are and read the tutorial on this website for the company you are interested in, it will help you greatly.

In order to open a company you have to go to “My Companies” in the left menu, then click on OPEN. Most companies will cost 10 Euros, be it real money or money you’ve made in the game. Choose the company you want to open and click on OPEN. The next window will ask you to name your newly founded company, add a description and a picture. Congratulations you have founded your company!

But you still have some work to do before the company is up and running. You need to fit your company with a mean of production (also known as a tool), the raw materials you’ll need to produce the products and the licenses you’ll need in order to operate the business. You may also open more workplaces and branches.

You need Tools

First thing’s first, you’ll need to invest some money in the company with which you will buy your first tool and Raw Materials. To invest money go to your company and click the Financial tab here you can invest/withdraw money from your company, just write the amount you want to invest and hit the Invest Button.

With the money you invested you can go to the market and buy the tool for your company. Every type of company will need tools and each one uses a different tool so you have to pick the right one, the system won’t let you to buy the wrong one anyway. Each tool (as most of the products) has five level of qualities: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5, most people use only Q1′s or Q5′s . Q1 if you want something cheap and Q5 if you’re willing to pay for the extra quality which most of the time is worth it, especially when it come to tools. For example if a Q1 tool will make xxx amounts of finished products a Q5 will make 5 times as much as a Q1 plus your workers will work 25% faster (they will make say 5 products instead of 4) and use 25% less raw materials (this can be very, very cost effective) and on top of that it may cost less than 5 Q1 tools so you know which one’s best for you.

Then you need Licenses

Now that you have the tool you need to buy some licenses, without these you can not produce anything. They can be pricy but you only have to buy them once and they last forever also unlike the tools not all companies will need licenses in order to function and some will need more, some will need less.  For example Raw Material companies don’t need any licenses while the weapons company needs the most. To buy licenses you have to go to your company, click on the Administration tab and then click the Licenses tab, then click on the Buy tab.

If your company has more types of products to sell you will need a license for every type of product. For example the Clothes Company has 10 types of products (gloves, shirts, trousers, coat, etc) you will need a license for every one of the ten products, but this is not the whole story. Like I said earlier most products have 5 qualities and each quality will require a different license, so our example, the Clothes Company, will need 50 licenses. By all means you don’t need to buy all 50 of them even though you can, one of them will get your company up and running but you can only make one product, one quality. Most of the people buy only the Q1 and the Q5 licenses as these are the most sought after products.

The licenses cost the same no matter the company, but as the thing goes with qualities Q5 licenses will be more expensive than Q1′s. A Q1 will cost 1 Euro, a Q2 will cost 2 Euro, a Q3 will cost 3 Euro, a Q4 will cost 4 Euro and finally a Q5 will cost 5 Euro. You don’t need to have the money in the company to buy licenses.

They’re expensive you may say but think for a second what would have happened if they were free: everyone would have had a company and the market would have been a complete mess, everyone would sell everything, it’s just human nature. So the licenses prevent flooding the market with hundreds of products, so that everyone could get a fair shot at a good market share and everyone could start a company at a small price.

And Finally you need Raw Materials

You have your tools, you have your licenses all you need now are the Raw Materials and you’re ready to go. You’d have to be really careful when buying raw materials to get them at a fair price. In some countries they can be very expensive on the marketplace so you’ll have to strike a deal with a seller to get a really good price for them, or you can even import raw materials but you need a trade company or a friend with a trade company (be cautious when choosing friends).

The amount of materials you will need will be different from product to product, you can see it by going to the Licenses tab. Don’t buy more than you may need and do buy more if you’ll find it very cheap.

Your company is now ready to start production, you just need some workers to make your first product. First check the local salary on the Jobs tab then go to your company and set the salary at the same price or 0.01 more. All you have to do now is to repeat this step then go to the Inventory tab and put your products on sale. You’re now on your way to making profit.

Workplaces and Branches

Creating more workplaces will increase the speed at which you make the products, just one more workplace will double your production (you’ll have two people working for you). Creating more branches will help you reach more customers and workers. When you start your company you will only have one branch and that will be in the capital of your country.

You can open new branches only in regions that are controlled by the country in which your company was opened. You should choose the branches wisely because if your country looses that branch you won’t be able to use it while it is owned by a different country.

Each company can be sold so the money you’ve just invested can be recovered (up to 70-80% of it anyway) if at some point in time you decide to sell your company. So if your looking to start a company you can buy one off the market and pay up to 40% cheaper than if you would have founded the company yourself so it’s vital to check the market and see if the type of company you want could be bought cheaper. A good starting point is to place your message in the message board on the right side of the site.

You now know pretty much everything you need to know in order to start a company and do it the right way, that is without spending money foolishly or getting stuck in this process.. There is still a lot more to be said about each company so be sure to check the tutorials for every company. A lot of information is shared in those tutorials so it will help you greatly to let your slaves know about them as well

This is a broad subject so if you have any questions we’ll be happy to answer them in the comment area below. Happy Earnings!


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