The Clothes Company

What are clothes used for in Anno1777?

Every player in Anno1777 needs and should have clothes not because it keeps him worm and dry and hides his private parts but because it increases his wellness.

As you already know the wellness is the most important characteristic in Anno and clothes provide the highest boost to your wellness, 50 points per day if you have all 10 Q5 clothes to be exact. People will need to buy clothes regularly because after 30 days they worn out and he needs new ones. This assures that the Clothes Company owner will have repeated buyers so he’s never out of business.

Are Clothes a good investment?

Yes a Clothes Company is a good investment. Clothes are very important in the game, and they expire every 30 days so people will always need them but like with everything else check that there aren’t too many sellers in your area. Q5 clothes sell much better because they last for 30 days and provide 50 points per day while Q1 Clothes last for 6 days and provide only 10 points of wellness per day.

How to start a Clothes Company?

You will find everything you need to know about opening a Company in this tutorial: How to create a Company in Anno1777 Long story short this is what you need to get your company up and running:

1. Go to the “My Companies” Menu on the left side of Anno1777 site, click on “OPEN”. You will be presented with all the companies available. Click on “OPEN” next to Clothes Manufacturing.

2. Enter the name and description of your company, then add a picture to it (if you’re having troubles uploading the picture make sure that in the address bar of your browser it’s www.anno1777 and not http://anno1777 or anno1777).

3. Invest some money into your company so you can buy your first tool and to buy some raw materials. The amount you need to invest depends on the type of tool you will buy (Q1 or Q5) how many raw materials you want to buy and their prices in your country.

4. Go to the “Goods” menu on the left, then to the “Machines” tab and on the “Clothes Production” tab you can buy the tool. Click on the 1st star for Q1 tools and on 5th star for Q5 tools. It is recommended to find a seller and make a private deal with him, it will be cheaper than buying from the market. Also Q5 tools are much, much better than Q1 tools

5. Go to your Company’s menu and click on the “Licenses” tab then on the “Buy” tab here you can buy the licenses for your company. Usually Q5 clothes sell better than Q1 Clothes and the profit for a Q5 is much bigger than for a Q1 so you should invest in buying all the Q5 Licenses first and only then in Q1 Licenses. You should do how you feel it’s better for your situation but if money’s the problem go for the Q5′s first.

6. Go to the “Goods” menu, then to the “Materials”. To produce clothes you only need fabrics and leather, you will need much more fabrics than you will need leather. On the “Licenses” menu (in your Company’s menu) you will see how many materials and working hours you will need for each product. It is recommended to find a seller and make a private deal with him, it will be cheaper than buying from the market.

7. Optionally (but sometimes highly recommended) open more workplaces and branches. More workplaces will mean that you can hire more people at a time which will drastically speed up your production. If your country has a pretty good economy you will need at least 5 workplaces at a Clothes Company. Opening a branch in a new region will allow you to sell and recruit workers from that region. While opening branches is a very good idea you should be very careful because if your country loses the region in which you opened a branch you will not be able to use that branch until your country gets the region back and sometimes this may even take months.

How much will it Cost?

To open a Full Clothes Company with everything it needs to work at maximum efficiency you’ll need:

  • Opening the company – 10 Euro
  • Buying the Q5 tool – 22 gold / 2.8 Euro (will last for 500 Clothes)
  • Buying all Q1 and Q5 licenses – 60 Euro
  • Buying raw materials – 34 gold / 4.3 Euro (for aprox 100 Q5 clothes)
  • Opening 9 more workplaces – 9 Euro
  • Opening 4 more branches – 4 Euro

Total cost for a Full Clothes Company – 90.1 Euro

To open a Clothes Company with the minimum requirements you’ll need:

  • Opening the company – 10 Euro
  • Buying the Q1 tool – 7 gold / 0.9 Euro (will last for 100 Clothes)
  • Buying 1 Q5 license – 5 Euro
  • Buying raw materials – 3.4 gold / 0.4 Euro (for aprox 10 Q5 clothes)

Total cost for a Minimum Clothes Company – 16.3 Euro

Remember you can buy a company up to 30% cheaper from another player.

*This data is an (pretty accurate) estimate and reflects the price at the date when this article was published and the GOLD /Euro exchange was 7.9.

So the clothes company it’s not be cheapest company on the market but you can make a good steady profit if you manage it good and can find cheap raw materials. The Clothes Company works great in combination with a Fabrics Company if you have where to buy cheap cotton and a Cotton Company if you have regions from where to extract Cotton. A Meat and Leather Company is also good to have along with a Clothes Company but not as necessary as the previous two.

We’re glad to help so hit the comment section bellow with any questions may you have. Happy Earnings!


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