War & Slaves

First of all, we must say that in ANNO1777 there are two types of battles. The internal battles which are conducted in order to gain slaves, and the battles between two countries in order to gain regions. The battles between countries can be started only by the organisations and the rules which apply in this case are different from the battles which are conducted between players. In this chapter, we will review the details regarding each type of battle.

Slaves represent the main way through which you can take advantage of the game. You can gain slaves in two ways. By direct attack or by acquisition. As a general rule, if you attack a player and you win, he automatically becomes your slave. From that moment on, he will pay you a fee of maximum 25% of everything he earns. The fee is determined depending on your power. If you have a power of 100%, you receive a fee of 25% of all slaves\’ earnings. If one slave is attacked and defeated by another player, you will lose him because your new owner becomes the one who defeated him. Certain slaves are extremely profitable and worth keeping. You can read below about the blocking concept of slaves. Besides the fee of maximum 25% which you receive from a slave, he will give you another fixed sum of 10% from all his real money earnings.

Blocked slaves

  • As mentioned above, certain players can become very profitable and worth keeping.
  • You can block a slave for an unlimited period of time by paying a fee in EURO. By blocking, that player can no longer be attacked and therefore cannot be lost. He will continue to bring you earnings as long as he\’s active.
  • Blocking is made for minimum 7 days.
  • The price for blocking is not a fixed one, it varies depending upon the total number of blocked players at the level of the entire game. The formula is Price = Percentage*1EURO, were Price = the blocking price for 7 days, Percentage = the percentage of blocked players at the level of the game. For example, if from 10.000 players, 1000 are blocked, the price of blocking would be 0.1 EURO/ 7 days. If 2500 would be blocked, then the price would be 0.25 EURO/7 days.
  • To block a slave, go to section Battle / My slaves and click on the button Block. You must specify the weeks during which you want to do the blockage.

Permanent slaves

If a player comes into the game through your personal link, he will become your permanent slave, which means that he will permanently pay you a fee of maximum 10% no matter who his actual slave is. The same as direct slaves, permanent slaves can be sold or bought. You can find the list of permanent slaves on section Battle / Permanent Slaves.

The attack and the bonus for attacking

You have two possibilities to choose your targets for attack. The first one and the easiest one is to go to page Battles from the main menu. You will find there a list with all the players ready for a battle. Remember that in order for a battle to begin the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The attacker as well as the defender must be in the same region.
  • The attacker as well as the defender must be free ( not traveling, fighting or working ).
  • The attacked player must not be blocked.
  • The attacked player must have a weaker defence than the attacker\’s attack.
  • The attacked player must not be a slave of the player who attacks.
  • The attacked player must not be the owner of the player who attacks.

A battle lasts for 20 minutes, and during this time, the ones involved in the battle cannot work nor can begin other battles. Even if the battle lasts for 20 minutes, its result is decided on the spot, and the attacked player immediately appears on your list of slaves. The attacker can end a battle on the spot by paying the sum of 0.1 EURO.The second method for choosing targets is the classifications. You can find the classifications by clicking on the button Classification from the main menu where there are listed all the players depending on various criteria such as working days, the number of slaves, the balance accounts, etc. You can easily identify active players who worth being attacked.

Administration of slaves

IOn page Battle / Slaves, you will find the list with the slaves that you won depending on their type. Also here you can find information regarding the earnings generated by a slave. The income in front of the blocked slaves indicates if they had been profitable or not. A profitable slave is a slave who generated big earnings in gold than the expenses for his blockage.

The attack, the defence and their importance

In the game, there are 10 types of attack weapons and 10 types of defence weapons. The total attack is calculated depending on the score for the attack weapons and power. The attack and the defence determine the result of a battle no matter the type of the battle. The result is decided by comparing the attack of the one who attacks with the defence of the one who\’s being attacked. Weapons have 5 quality categories and depending on their quality, they have a certain resistance and offer a certain score.

Trade with slaves

Whether it\’s about unblocked slaves, blocked or permanent slaves, they can be sold on a global market. Global market means that anyone can participate in it because it\’s not limited to a particular country. In other words, you can buy slaves from any country. All the transactions are made in GOLD. You can find the slaves\’ market on section Slaves\’ Market from the main menu. Unblocked, blocked or permanent slaves are separately transactioned depending on the category. Remember that for each transaction with slaves, the seller will pay a fee towards the state. The fee is fixed and established by the government. Check carefully the taxes imposed by the government before fixing a selling price.

Battles between the countries

Apart from the direct battles between players which result in capturing slaves, there are battles between countries which result in capturing regions. In a region, only one type of raw material can be produced. Any country has minimum 5 regions in which there are the 5 basic raw materials (wood, iron, cotton, meat and leather, grapes). If one country has one single region then that country becomes a net importer. The purpose of capturing regions is, among territorial extension, the battle for resources.

Military coalitions

Any country can sign a coalition with any other country. in a coalition there can be maximum 5 countries. If a country from the coalition is attacked, then the citizens of the countries from the coalition can fight for defence. Basically, in a war between countries, only citizens from the countries directly involved can fight, plus the citizens from the allied countries.

Creating the coalitions

Initially, the coalition is created following a government decision and it is given a name. In order for a country to enter in the coalition, 2 conditions must be respected. All the countries from the coalition must vote the law byway of which it is accepted in the coalition and also the country which wants to enter in the coalition to vote a law in their own government which would allow it to do that. If all these conditions and fulfilled, the country will automatically enter in the coalition. To get out of a coalition, a law must be voted in the government of that country which wants to get out of the coalition. A country can be forced to be excluded from the coalition if the governments of all member countries vote that exclusion. When a law is proposed in a government to include a new country in a coalition, all the governments of the member countries will automatically receive, when voting, the same law. Voting is made separately by each government. The rule is valid in case the exclusion of a country from a coalition is proposed.

Starting wars

First of all, you have to know that the only entities which are capable to start wars are the organisations. Also, besides occupying a region, the purpose of a war between countries is the profit. The mechanism of wars allows both the fighters and the organisations to gain profit. The war is started by the owner of the coalition.

The mechanisms of the war

We will discuss below the steps for carrying on a war:

  • The owner of an organisation from country A decides to start a war to conquer the region R from country B. to effectively start it, enter the interface of administration of the organisation on section Wars, and start the conflict.
  • The organisation which starts the war is a guaranty equivalent to 0.1 GOLD / player who had the right to fight in the last 24 hours. Here\’s an example. Suppose country A (the country of the organisation) is part of a coalition from which countries A1 and A2 are part of. Country B (the attacked country) is part of a coalition from which countries B1, B2 and B3 are part of. The disputed region is R. Suppose that in country A there had been 1000 active players in the last 24 hours. In country A1 500, in A2 100, in B 2000, in B1 1000, in B2 500 ad in B3 100 active players in 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, in the fighting countries and allies 5200 players had been active. The organisation must have a guaranty of 520 GOLD.
  • The war is presented on page Battle /Active Wars from the countries having the right to fight. In 24 hours since the beginning, the war will effectively start. Until then, registrations take place.
  • The registration fee in a war is 1 GOLD. Money goes to the organisation which started it. If only 10% of the total number of active players for which the guaranty fee has been paid enrol in the war, then the organisation gains profit. In this respect, a well organised advertising company is essential.
  • In order to effectively participate at the war, all fighters must go to the disputed region. Registrations can be made remotely, but to fight everyone must be in that region.
  • At the scheduled hour, war interface becomes active. To enter the battle area, click on the button Fight in front of the War.
  • Battles in the war take place exactly the same as the direct ones. You will see a list of opponents registered in the war, ready to fight, which can be attacked. You can only attack opponents from the adverse countries (the attacked country and the countries of the coalition) which have an inferior defence as compared to your attack. A battle in a war lasts between 5 and 500 seconds. Its duration is randomly determined. There are no rules. The battles in the war can be finished on the spot, as well the direct ones.
  • Each fight is REWARDED with a sum between 0.01 GOLD and 0.25 GOLD. The amount is paid from the fund made by the organisation. The amount is paid depending on the situation which you\’re in and depending on the attack or the total defence. For example, if you have the maximum attack (all weapons are 5 level in inventory plus 100% power), then after each ATTACK you will get the maximum amount of 0.25 GOLD. For example, if you have a maximum defence (all defence weapons are 5 level and 100% power) after each battle when you had been ATTACKED you will get the maximum amount, i.e. 0.25 GOLD. Suppose you have all the attack weapons with 5 stars and a power of 50%. In this case each attack that you make will bring you 0.125 GOLD. It\’s obvious that an attack which you started and a defence started are extremely important in order to gain money from a war.
  • After each attack won by a fighter, the score of the coalition from which it belongs, increases.
  • The war ends when the allocated budget is EMPTIED. Then the player\’s victories from the attacking coalition are compared to the player\’s victories from the attacked coalition. The coalition with the greatest number of victories wins.
  • If the organisation which started the war is in country A, and the coalition of country A wins the war, then the disputed region R becomes part of that country. If the war is lost, then nothing is changed. The region remains at the former country.

Basically all the war participants COULD win:

  • The organisation which started the confrontation wins from the registration fees
  • The fighters earn money received for each battle
  • The country in which the organisation is wins a new territory.

In the real world and also in ANNO1777 war is a business. And in business you can easily earn money sometimes. Organisations which start wars for regions situated far away from one another or do not make enough publicity, the war could not attract enough fighters to cover its initial guaranty. Also, the fighters which enter in confrontations with a reduced power have nothing to gain. A balance between power / attack / defence is essential in wining money in wars.


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