Tool of Production Company

-Click on the tab “my company” – we will see a new tab “establish” click on it and then click to make the plant “MEANS Production.” It will cost us 10 euros.
What I need to make it work?-After we established the factory “PRODUCTION TOOLS [I chose a name and descriiption] go to tab”Goods”and from there select. the” production machinery “and” Used Machinery Manufacturing “buy such a machine [attention must have money in company so you can buy] it costs approx. 224 Ron
-After buying the machine go back to tab goods and this time select. “Raw” then select. “Health” [the arrow that opens a small window] that means buying 100 kg approx. 72 Ron [ron/1kg 0.72], wood 1MP [2 EUR / sqm] and a square leather [2ron/mp] … all about 76 Ron materials.
-After I bought the raw material going to buy a license that allows us to fabricate equipment …. Go to the tab “goods” select. “license”, “machinery” and buy a “license Manufacturing Tools Manufacturing Machines” It costs 10 gold .

Production Tools Production Tools License 1 Star – 1Euro
Production Tools Production Tools License 2 Stars – 2Euro
Production Tools Production Tools License 3 Stars – 3Euro
Production Tools Production Tools License 4 Stars – 4Euro
Production Tools Production Tools License 5 stars – 5Euro

-After I bought “Tools Production Tools Manufacture License” we must decide on the equipment that we want to build and will have to buy a license for them depending on what we want to produce quality machines and depending on [1 – 5] gold prices start from 10 and increase with 10 units on a point that as a 5 star license will cost 50 gold.
These are licenses that will allow you to build equipment desired:

1. Production Tools Production Tools license
2. Newspapers Printing Machinery Manufacture license
3. Meat Production Equipment Manufacture license
4. Production Machinery Manufacture Tickets Contest license
5. Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Production license
6. Food Production Machinery Manufacture license
7. Production Machinery Manufacture Arms license
8. Metals Production Equipment Manufacture license
9. Wood Products Machinery Manufacture license
10. Production Machinery Manufacture Grapes license
11. Production Machinery Manufacture Betting Tickets license
12. Production Machinery Manufacture Fabrics license
13. Production Machinery Manufacture Fri license
14. Paper Production Machinery Manufacture license
15. Cotton Production Equipment Manufacture license
16. Production Machinery Manufacture Lottery Tickets license
17. Production Machinery Manufacture Banking Forms license
18. Clothing Production Equipment Manufacture license
19. Machinery Manufacture Production Houses license

The purchase of these 19 licenses will cost 190 gold [27 euros] a quality gold and 950 [136 euros] to five quality
-We already have manufacturing equipment, raw materials, not only have to wait for a worker to engage with us and build the first machine. To speed up things a little tab go to “Jobs” and see which is the highest salary offered in the region of residence … … then go back to the tab “my company” select. “Manage” tab and then select. The “Jobs” and there we have the option to pay a little higher than the market offers [0.1 is enough to pass us up on the list]
-After all this go back to the tab “my company”, “Manage”, go to the “Branches” and open one branch in each region of the country, thus we can sell our products all over the country. Attention is 1 euro a branch … so September will cost 9 euros branches … they are not required … your company automatically starts a branch of home … .. but if you want to have sales … …
-Congratulations you have just produced the first machine, put it on sale and wait.

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