Start Your Own Local Pool Cleaning Business

We’d all love to have a pool in our back yard, but when it comes to maintaining it and keeping it clean, that isn’t something we like to do ourselves. Can you see a business opportunity here?

If you develop your business properly and market it in the right way to the right people, you could very soon have more customers than you know what to do with. Pool cleaning is also something that most people can pick up, and if you like being in the outdoors then you will certainly love this opportunity since you will be able to get out and about and meet new people every day.

Swimming pools are fantastic, but no one likes cleaning them. That’s why pool cleaning businesses tend to do very well if they are run by someone who has a great care for their work and knows exactly what to do to keep a pool in tip top condition.

The first step is obviously gaining that knowledge. You can start finding out what you need to know by visiting local pool suppliers and asking them how you would keep your pool clean if you were to buy one from them. This is a bit cheeky but you’ll get the info you need!

You can also find out a great deal by going online and learning from other people who do the same thing. Jump onto Google and look up pool cleaning trade contacts or something similar, and see how many results and leads you come up with. You’ll soon know where to go for supplies and how to go about the actual cleaning process responsibly and efficiently. Try looking up ‘Pool and Spa News’ to take a look at the website of the trade magazine itself.

But how do you advertise your new business? One of the best ways is to put ads in all the local newspapers, but you could also put ads in shop windows and maybe your local library as well. Leafleting door to door isn’t the best option since not everyone has a pool. The best way to do this is to go onto Google Earth and check out your local neighborhood to see how many people have pools; you will then know which streets are worth leafleting!

Get a simple website up and running as well as soon as you can. It only needs to be a few pages – a home page, a page that describes your services and a contact page will get you started. As long as people can contact you for more information that’s the main thing.

You will also be able to get new clients via word of mouth if you do a good job, since people will naturally want to recommend you to others. You could always get some fridge calendar magnets made up with your business details and contact numbers on and hand them out to new customers when you find them, so that your name will always be close at hand when they need to call you to arrange for a fresh clean of their pool.

You can also diversify into cleaning spas, which gives you another income stream and widens the potential customer base you can market your business to. Spas also tend to be used during the colder months and not just in the summer as well, unlike most swimming pools.

So if you’re ready to dive in so to speak, start planning your pool cleaning business now by taking a look at that website to broaden your knowledge. But leave a comment for us by using the form below first!

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