Start Your Own Local Fashion Tours

You don’t need to live in a world famous city to get into the fashion tours business – many large towns would benefit from such a service, particularly if that town brings in a lot of tourists.

You need to be quite confident to take on this kind of opportunity to earn money, because you will be showing a group of people around your local town and revealing local knowledge about the best places to go for a bargain.

But if you think you’ve got the confidence then it could be a real money spinner for you.

If the idea of becoming a tour guide appeals to you then keep reading. You would basically be booking groups of people onto your pre-arranged tours and showing them all the best places to go to get the latest and best fashions in your area. You could stick to a specific theme for your tour; for example you could do some research and find out where all the cheapest shops are to get bargain outfits, or maybe all the shops that are a bit out of the way and are usually only frequented by the locals.

This takes a little organization as you will obviously need to research a good route to take and show them shops that they might not find otherwise. You would then charge a fee for each person to take the tour, and you could also provide a map of the area with all the shops you show them clearly marked on it.

The best way to make this work is to get the various shop owners to approve of your business idea in advance. If you let them know you will be bringing in new customers for them, they will probably be more than happy to give you a small percentage – say 5% maybe – of any purchases that any of the people on your tour buy.

You could expand the idea to cover a full day if it is successful, and charge more as a result. In this case you could also recommend a particular restaurant or café for lunch, and possibly arrange a deal with the owners of that venue in a similar way to the clothes stores themselves.

If you try this out and you like it and have some success with it, you could even consider buying or hiring a minibus in which you can pick people up from pre-designated stops. There are plenty of ways in which you can vary this service to find what works best for you in your area.

You could even add other days into your schedule as well that aren’t related to fashion. Ghost tours are always popular and anything which shows people a different side to a particular place always goes down well.

So long as you keep the punters happy you shouldn’t have any problems developing this into a full time business. Just remember to serve your customers well and news of your service will soon spread to bring you new customers.

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