Start Your Own Local Bin Cleaning Service

Throwing our trash away is part of everyday life. But don’t you just hate that smell that wafts up to meet you every time you open the lid to throw in another piece of trash?

Bins that are kept outside get subjected to all kinds of abuse. They have to withstand all weathers and hold all the leftovers, spoiled food and other remnants that we don’t want to keep inside. No wonder they smell less than fragrant from time to time.

But if you can stand the smell you could be making a lot of money from those bins. Grab a peg and come closer to find out more about this lucrative opportunity.

One of the best things about this business is that you will never run short of customers. Everyone has a trash can, and I am willing to bet that very few (if any) of those bins smells anywhere near good.

This makes for a huge business opportunity for you, and it’s easy to advertise since you can simply get a whole batch of leaflets printed up and deliver them door to door to get you started. State your price on the leaflet and offer the customer 20% offer if they produce the leaflet when you arrive to clean their bin.

That is a good discount and you can bet that a lot of people will take you up on the offer. It also guarantees that more people will keep the leaflet for longer instead of throwing it away.

You can start this business with very little cash, since you can manually clean all the bins if you have the right equipment to do so – all you need is long handled brushes and cloths, disinfectant and some elbow grease in the first instance.

When you want to step things up a little (or if you have the money available to begin with) you can buy or lease a van and some more advanced cleaning equipment. There are also a number of franchise opportunities in several countries that provide you with everything you need to get started in your own area. If you are prepared to plough some real cash into this business then it could be the way to go. You can find out more about this opportunity by using a search engine to find the franchises operating in your country.

It all depends on how you want to run the business. If it is a part time, casual concern then you might want to keep things simple and start by offering your services to people you know to begin with. You can then spread the word via word of mouth to include other people locally.

The beauty of this business is that however you approach it you will be visiting clients regularly to keep their bins clean and fresh. You can reasonably expect to be cleaning them every week or two, which means that once you have built up a good customer base, you have a regular ongoing income that you can pretty much rely on.

So if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, write a comment below and then get started by designing a simple leaflet to promote your new business.


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