Start Your Own House Cleaning Business

We have all got chores that we hate doing, and it’s not nice thinking that we have to do most of them when we could be out enjoying themselves. So if you quite enjoy cleaning the house on a regular basis, then why not offer that same service to someone else?

Most people hate cleaning the house and would be more than happy to pay someone else to do it for them. If you are responsible and trustworthy, then why not set up a business doing just that? You might get more clients than you think…

This is the type of business where you will get a lot of clients via word of mouth. Trust counts for a lot when you start cleaning people’s houses, as you may sometimes do it when they aren’t around. A good way to start is to offer your services to people you know – however remote that connection may be. It gives you the opportunity to build up some experience and you may even be able to obtain references from people to vouch for you when you approach people you don’t know in the future.

The best way to charge for your services is to negotiate a flat fee for a specific time slot. You will have a fair idea of how long certain tasks will take you, and based on that you can come up with a price and a time slot that will suit the client. Make sure you don’t under price your services though – people are prepared to pay to have someone clean their home for them, and you don’t want to be working for a tiny amount of money.

You can also promote your services by distributing leaflets door to door, but it’s well worth making sure that they are good quality ones. You might even be able to get glossy paper and color printing if they aren’t too expensive. Another good idea is to use quotes from satisfied customers to help reassure people that you aren’t just any old person touting for work, and that you can be relied on to do a good job.

You should also remember to get some business cards printed up with your details on them. Encourage people to recommend you to their friends and family too – you could even offer them a discount if they manage to refer someone to you who takes up your service. How about a free house clean the next time you are due to visit them? This is a worthwhile offer to make since you stand to get another long term client from the effort, so you should reward the person who brought you the new business.

While it is a good idea to supply your own cleaning items if required, make sure you talk to each individual client to see whether they would prefer you to use their items or your own. Make sure you know where everything is prior to your first visit, and agree a time and day with each person so you can fit it into your schedule.

After a while you will find that you don’t need to have too many clients to fill up your book with orders, and you can enjoy a regular supply of cash from people that will make a big difference to your earnings each week.

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