Start A Pet Services Company

If you love pets then this is a great way to meet more of them! There are lots of ways you could reap the rewards by setting up a business to help people with their pets. Depending on what you like doing you could provide one service in particular or a whole range of them.

Your choice of pet business will also depend on what skills you have. After all if you are good at painting pictures of animals then you will no doubt earn more money doing that than you would taking dogs for a walk!

If you are an animal lover then there is no better job than spending all day surrounded by them. The great part about setting up a pet services company is that you can work whatever hours you like, fitting it in around your existing commitments to suit you.

Before you start, think about what kind of services you would like to offer. If you like going out for walks then a dog walking service would be a good bet. If you don’t mind having a change of scene from time to time then you might consider offering a pet sitting service for all kinds of animals.

On the other hand you might be good with a camera and enjoy photography as a hobby. A lot of pet owners would pay a considerable amount of money to get a nice picture of their pet or pets taken and framed for them. You could either set up a mini studio in a spare room of your home, getting people to visit you, or you could take everything with you and take the photos at their home. The second option is probably better since the animal will be in its own natural habitat, giving you more opportunities to get good pictures.

If you can paint good pictures then you may want to visit the owner and their pet and perhaps take some photos to give you an idea of how to paint the animal when you return home to do your work.

There are plenty of opportunities online as well; you could set up a website selling pet toys and items such as collars, squeaky toys, name tags and all kinds of other items. If you haven’t got the room to stock these yourself find a company that will dropship them for you.

Promoting your business is important both on and offline. If you have a dog walking or photography business then get some leaflets or postcards printed up and advertise them in local shop windows. If you can persuade the local pet shops to display your cards so much the better, as you will receive a lot of business from this direction.

This is the kind of business that will also develop via word of mouth. Start small and you will soon find new clients as you get more established. Ask your friends and family to spread the word for you as well, and you will soon be making plenty of furry friends!


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