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Social interaction

In ANNO1777 social interaction has been a priority since planning the game. The way of communication between players is made by various channels such as direct messages comments or private discussions with friends. We will review each chapter.

Direct messages

The message system is very similar to an e-mail program, only the messages that are send to other players. In the upper menu there is a link towards the messaging system. He link shows how many unread messages are. In the message page you can see the messages you received, sent, erased and you can also block the messages coming from certain players. To send a message to a player, go to heading Write a Message. Fill in the recipient section with the name of the player to whom you want to send a message, the subject field, the text and click on Send button from the bottom page. The message will be immediately sent to the recipient and it will also appear at the heading Sent (if the recipient has not read the message, it will appear in bold in the heading Sent). You can erase the messaged received at any time. Also if you consider that you do not want to receive messages from a certain player, you can block the delivering of the messages by clicking on the link Block the Messages of the Sender (which you can find at the end of each received message). If however you change your mind, you will find the list of everyone whom you do not want to receive messages from on heading Ignore. You can eliminate a player from this list at any time.


ANNO1777 allows you to express your opinion about a wide range of subjects. You can comment any article and decision taken by the government. At the end of each comment, your signature is visible which represents an excellent way of advertising.

Friends and discussions with friends

You can invite any player to join your group of friends. You can also send messages which will be visible only in your group of friends. To send a friend invitation to a player, go to the profile page of the player and click the button Friend. The player will receive a friend invitation and if he accepts it, he will enter your group of friends. Go on the first page, on heading Discuss with Friends. You can see there the list of friends and the list of messages sent by them. Type a message in the box from the right side and click on the button Post Message. The message will immediately appear and can be viewed by all your friends. Also on this page you can exclude a player from your group of friends.


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