First steps as Restaurant owner

Food is one of the most consumed product in Anno1777, each meal increases your wellness based on its quality. Food provides between 1 and 5 wellness points/meal. You may have maximum 4 meals/day but you can supply your inventory with 12 rations. To cook and sell food you will need  a restaurant and raw materials like meat. To create a restaurant  you need  to go to “My Companies” tab ,then “Open” tab and finallly “Open” new Restaurant . It will cost you 10 euro , you will need to have this ammount in your personal wallet.The company will have 1 branch and 1 workplace active.

What do i need to make it work ?

We will assume you have already chosen a name and a description for your Restaurant, so the next thing we need to do is to aquire a restaurant means of production , we can do that by selecting the “Machines” tab and then “Restaurant Means of Production” tab from the dropdown menu, we will buy one, for our newly created company, make sure you have invested the necessary amount of money first as you will not pay from your personal wallet but from your company wallet.

Next step will be to aquire the raw materials so we can start producing food, Restaurants use “Meat” as raw material , to buy meat we will go to the “Goods” tab then “Raw materials” , select “Meat” from the dropdown menu and buy 20 kg , they should be enough for now , the money will be withdrawn from your company wallet. We can produce 1.5  food rations/1 kg. of meat  .

To be able to produce food you will need a license . There are 5 types of licenses each with a different degree of quality :

Food manufacturing license 1 star   – 10 GOLD
Food manufacturing license 2 stars – 20 GOLD
Food manufacturing license 3 stars – 30 GOLD
Food manufacturing license 4 stars – 40 GOLD
Food manufacturing license 5 stars – 50 GOLD

To buy a license for your restaurant go to My Companies/Management and buy the license you want/need.

-We have aquired the necessary tools and the raw materials all we need now is to hire a worker , to speed up things we’ll go to the jobs tab and check the salaries being paid in your current region, let’s assume it’s 2 units we will set for our company a salary of  2.1 to get us at top of the list. To do that go to “My Companies” tab then “Management” ,”Administration” and select “Workplaces” fill in the salary and click OK.

Now that we’ve aquired the necessary raw materials, a license and we already produced our first food rations  we will need to focus on other areas, for example : your company starts with only one branch so you will need to open more if you want your food accessible to a lot of people . To do that go to “My Companies” tab , “Management”, “Administration” and finally “Branches”, every new branch opened will charge your personal wallet for 1 euro , the same goes for workplaces. Also don’t forget to set your prices for food according to their quality , a quality 5 food will obviously be more expensive then quality 1 food. To do that go to “Management”, “Administration” twice and then click on “Prices” tab.

Why are branches important ?

If you want people from another region to have access to the food you are selling you need to have a branch open in their area .

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