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Written by ANNO1777 Team on 08, Jun, 2011

Dear citizens,
We are happy to inform you that we just launched other payment methods and the RESELLERS system.In the last few months we have received numerous emails asking for other payment methods such as moneybookers , alertpay,paypal and our staff has been trying hard to please you . We are proud to announce to you that today every player can load his/her Anno1777 account with real money using almost any payment method through our resellers, but let me tell you what exactly is this and how it works.For the new players i would like to mention , that in order to load your Anno1777 account with real money you will first go to Financial Reports & Accountant, you will continue to Euro operations and there you can find the Load Account option. At this moment we have 4 payment options.

1. Pay by SMS – That is the safest method of payment. To load your account with money you have to send one or more SMS messages to a local phone number. It takes less than 2 minutes. Risk free and quick. After purchase you must confirm the payment. Your account will be credited within 24 hours.

2. Pay by credit card – That is the most convenient way to pay. We accept all credit or debit cards. Processor is ePayment. After purchase you must confirm the payment. Your account will be credited within 24 hours.

3 . Pay by wire transfer – Payment by Bank Transfer International brings you the biggest loading bonus. You will receive the data for an account where you have to deposit money. Your game account will be credited within 5 working days.

4. Buy EURO from resellers- You can buy Euro directly from our authorized resellers. They accept PayPal, MoneyBookers, PayPal, Neteller, WebMoney plus other popular methods of payment. Bonuses are up to 25%.

And now lets talk a little bit about the 4th option – BUYING FROM RESELLERS.

All resellers have been carefully chosen by our staff and they will make no mistake in serving your interests and being truthful to you -the players who chose to buy euros from them. When you first click the page to buy credits from resellers you will be able to see the full list of our resellers, you will be able to see the amount of euros available in each ones account,the bonus they offer when you buy from them -each reseller is able to set his own bonus that goes up to 25%.

Once you found a reseller you like you will click on his BUY button . Finally there you will find out what payment options he has available,
whats the minimum and maximum amount you can buy at once , you could also see the last payment he has done and even better the rating. We encourage our players to leave a rating for our resellers positive or negative , based on his experience ..that way new players
will know which reseller is to be trusted more. Our resellers can also have some private info posted such as phone number or yahoo id so you will be able to reach them and get to an agreement in any situations.Now that you have decided on a reseller and on the payment option ,you will click pay on the specific option and you see a new page that contains 2 buttons ..confirm -the red button and pay – the green button. You will first click on the green button and you will be redirected to a new page where you will choose the amount you want to load on your account and once you click on the euros packages you will be redirected to the specific payment option such as paypal or whatever you have chosen. After you made the payment you must go back to the same page with confirm and pay , so you can confirm your payment . This time you will fill in your details such as name , email address , transaction number and the amount and you will click on the red button -confirm. Your are done .. you will now wait for the reseller to check your transaction and load your Anno1777 account with money.All these explanations you will also find as you proceed to make a payment so Im sure it will be as easy as it sounds :]

We have not been closely in touch lately but we assure you that our staff is very close to finishing this game. In the following 2 weeks we will launch the private islands and after that our qualified staff will focus on solving every bug left in the game and resolving your tickets within 48 hours. We assume that Anno1777 will be no longer beta unstable , but Anno1777 version 1.1.At the end of the summer our main focus will remain to translate the game in many more languages and attract new players from all over the world.

We would like to thank you for being with us for over a year , for being patient and we want to reassure everyone that our staff is doing the best in solving some of the problems left .
I will get back to you with a new insider very soon . Until then take care and good luck !


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