Raw Material Companies

As it is in the real world so shall it be in Anno1777 , everything is created with raw materials , without them economies will crumble and all that we see around would not exist. In anno1777  there are 8 types of raw materials wich are used to build various products :


Wood is one of the most used resource in Anno1777 without wood you can’t have weapons, houses, means of transportation, means of production or paper . Therefore an investment in this area of the economy will land your bussiness on a safe market. Wood companies require “Wood Means of Production” to function.


Every house built needs iron , every weapon you will use for wars will need iron , the so much need it “means of production” will require iron , not to mention the “transport companies” , without an adequate transport you may not reach your destination in time . As you can see , iron is one of the main component in manufacturing a wide array of products, you can’t fail here. Iron companies require “Iron Means of Production” to function.


Cotton is the main component in manufacturing two important products fabrics wich are required by clothes companies, and paper , required by newspapers , lotteries and trade companies. Cotton companies require “Cotton Means of Production” to function.

Meat & Leather

Without meat there would be no restaurants to cook those delicious stakes . The citizens of Anno would starve , their wellness will deteriorate , and everything will crumble. Imagine a day without food , then 2 or 3 and you will realise that meat is one of the most important raw material in anno1777 economy . You need meat to make food , and everyone needs food. Leather it’s an additional raw material produced by the meat companies , it is used in manufacturing weapons and “means of production” Meat companies require “Meat and Leather Means of Production” to function.


The exquisite delights , what can be more comfortable then drinking a good ,old bottle of wine, and theres more, if in real life you’ ll probably get dizzy , in Anno1777 wine will give you huge strength , wich will aid you in defeating your opponents. You can’t have wine without grapes. Grape companies need “Grapes Means of Production” to function.


Fabrics are the main component in producing clothes , you can walk around naked if you want , but who will get those huge bonuses if you do ? Clothes give their wearer great wellness , the better the quality of the cloth the more wellness you’ll get. Fabrics are also used  by the “Means of Transportation ” companies. Fabric companies require “Fabrics Means of Production” to function.


In Anno1777 paper it’s not just a raw material , everything that has to do with newspapers , lotteries or trade companies requires paper. Paper allows people to express themselves , it makes them rich when gambling , and keeps their books in order when trading overseas. Paper companies require “Paper Means of Production” to function.

To open any raw material company just go to “My Companies” tab and click the “Open” tab  , all available raw material companies will be listed. Choose the one you want and click the “Open” tab again. Raw material companies do not require a license to function , they cost 10 euro to open with 1 workplace and 1 branch.

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