Private Territories

Private territories are countries administered by the owner. Private territories have their own currency and the owner have full rights. He can establish the fees and taxes, he can withdraw at any time money from the state budget, he can expel any citizen, he can censor the press and the freedom for expression depends on him also. Private territories have in the real world a correspondent, generally a private island. In these territories, there are NO free elections held, the only one who is entitled to run for an unlimited period of time is the owner together with the government which he designates.

Resources and territory division

Private territories have only one region (the municipality region) and do NOT have natural resources. The only solution for a territory to produce goods independently is to attack and occupy a region of a usual state. As mentioned before, a region can produce only one type of raw material. Raw materials are wood, iron, cotton, meat and leather. The same with a usual territory, the municipality of a private territory CANNOT be attacked.

Territory acquisition

Private territories can be purchased from the game fund. They have a limited number and a correspondent in the real world the most important thing regarding private territories is the capacity. A territory can receive between 1000 and 100.000 citizens, depending on its surface. There are 3 types of territories depending on size, and each one has a different price.

  • Maximum 1000 citizens, 100 EURO
  • Maximum 10.000 citizens 1000 EURO
  • Maximum 100.000 citizens 10.000 EURO

Initially, a private territory can have only one citizen. As it develops, it will attract a greater number of players. If the limit is reached, the territory does NOT accept new citizens. The number of citizens directly influence the earnings of the budget and automatically its profitability. Remember that a private territory must or should be considered a business byway of which you can recover the investment.

Leadership and organisation

Leading a private territory is ensured by the owner together with a group of 18 governors. Unlike a usual territory, governors are not freely chosen, but are designed by owners. A private territory is NOT a democracy and the freedom for expression is exclusively up to the owner. The governor\’s duty is to ensure the good functioning of the territory and possibly to recruit new valuable citizens. You can go to the Administration interface by clicking on the link Government from the bottom page. Only the owner and the members of the government have access to this interface.

Bonuses and fees

Bonuses and fees which are valid in a private territory are exactly the same ones as in a usual territory. They can be fixed by the owner or by a member of the authorised government to do this operation. The change is made from the administration interface, section Fees & Bonuses. There is no voting process so any change is immediately made.

Government and its designation

The members of the government can be allowed or excluded anytime from government. They must be citizens of the private territory and must have completed profile and pictures. Designation or exclusion of members can be made from section Administration / Government. Also from here you can set up the rights of each governor. The maximum number of governors is 18. only the owner and the members authorised by the owner have access to this section.

Governors\’ rights

You can grant to each governor different rights to access the governing interface. Some can have free access everywhere, others just in the area of the citizens or the budget. The rights are given only by the owner and can be withdrawn at any time. To change the access rights of a governor, go to section Administration / Government and click the button Rights. The changes take place immediately.

State budget

Unlike a usual territory, the state budget is belongs to the owner. The owner may donate or withdraw at any time money from the budget without any explanation. The withdrawals and the submissions appear on section Budgetary Accounting. By withdrawing, the owner tries to cover his investment and possibly to obtain profit. Withdrawals which are too large or are made too often automatically means smaller bonuses for the citizens.

Local currency

As emntioend before, each territory has its own currency. The exchange rate GOLD/Local Currency is automatically adjusted by the mechanism supply / demand. The exchange rate cannot be fixed directly by the owner and it change takes place only following the sales or purchases.


As mentioned before, a territory starts from only one citizen, and after that more can be attracted. In order for a player to become a citizen of the territory, he must do the same things as in the case of a usual territory. He makes a request which must be approved by one of the governors. The request can be made from the menu Presidency & Government / Legislation, but before you have to be in the private territory. Once approved the request, the player will automatically become a citizen of the territory and will start paying fees and taxes.


The list of the citizenship applications is found at section Citizens / Citizenship applications from the section Administration of the Territory. Each application is accompanied by a reason. At this section only designated governors and the owner of the territory have access.

Expulsion of citizens and censorship

Citizens can be expelled from a private territory by any governor who is authorised to to this operation or by the owner. The expulsion is made in the country of origin, i.e. the country from where the registration was made (initially the country is established based on the mobile phone provided when activating the account). At the moment of the expulsion, the player\’s citizenship is automatically changed.

Prohibiting the citizenship application

The authorised governors and the owner can interdict to any player to formulate other citizenship applications. Prohibiting the right to make other citizenship applications is made from the section Citizens / Interdictions. The section is found int eh administration interface of the territory.

Selling the territories

A territory can always be put on sale by the owner. To sell the territory, go to section Settings and set a price. The territory will immediately be on sale. Territory transactions are made only in EURO.


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