They say that press is the fourth power in the state. A free press is essential to any democracy. Without total freedom of expression, the newspapers are turned from democratic instruments to tools hold by the dictators or by people who have power. ANNO1777 press is specifically characterized by its total freedom of expression of the newspapers\’ owners. Anyone can open a magazine and anyone can write anything about everything. A review may address any topic clearly whether it is pornography or direct attacks on the person.

How a magazine makes money

A magazine is a type of company that consumes paper as raw material and produces newspapers. Like other types of companies, the means of production of magazines have five quality degrees that influence their capacity and productivity. Magazines produce copies based on the work and the means of production. When a player first reads an article, he will actually buy that newspaper. He pays a price and a newspaper is withdrawn from the company stocks. Also after first reading, he receives up to 1 power point, depending on the article\’s rating. This is the basic mechanism through which media system works in the game. Magazine owners are free to set price for the newspapers. Prices are set according to the rating given by the readers for articles in the section Products Management / Prices.

Writing an Article

To write an article, go to the Administration page of the magazine, on section Write an Article. An article contains a title, introduction and content. Optionally, a photo can be attached to every article. Pictures are important instruments in attracting customers. If the subject of the article or the images are pornographic, you must check the appropriate box on this page. Note that a magazine may publish only one article every 6 hours. You can write several articles at once, but they will appear in sequence, one every 6 hours. Theoretically you can write articles in a single day for 10 days without any problem. You can add to the articles images or external links and can format the text with the help of BBCode. Note that there are two types of articles. Those written in national language (not English) which will be available in the country where the magazine was open, and articles written in English which can be read by any player, regardless of the country. Articles written in English appear in the box International Press on the first page. The price of international articles is fixed in GOLD.

Articles\’ Rating

Players can give ratings to articles. The rating is between 1 and 5 stars. Depending on the ratings, the readers receive more or less power. A 1-star article brings 0.2 power points, while a 5-star one will bring 1 point. To obtain a certain rating, a minimum number of votes is required. At this time, in order for an article to receive two stars,10 votes are necessary, for 3 stars – 20 votes, for 4 stars – 30 notes and for 5 stars – 40 votes with an average of five stars. Because they give lots of power, a higher price should be put for high quality articles.

Advertising in magazines

Besides selling newspapers, magazines can gain from advertising. At the end of each article, there are two advertising spots displayed. The spots can be rented by those interested. The list of available spots can be found in our section Advertising / Magazine Spots. Price is determined by the owner of the magazine in section Articles Management / Advertising Spots.


By subscription, a player can automatically receive all the numbers of the magazine. That does NOT mean that he will not pay for the magazine. It means that he will have quick access to his favorite magazine appearances, even on the first page of section Press Subscriptions. You can see the list of subscribers in our Articles Management / subscribers list.


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