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Affiliates and partnership

ANNO1777 is the first game which offers players the possibility to become real partners byway of the shares in the game. The program for affiliates allows you to easily make money by bringing new players in the system. Let\’s discuss each aspect.


The affiliated program represents a very easy way to obtain an income by bringing new players in ANNO1777. Each player has a personal link. All players who register byway of that link become your permanent slaves and you will receive a percentage of up to 10% of all the earnings generated as long as they are active. This includes any amount that they collect. The taxes are of course paid only if that particular slave is not sold, because permanent slaves can also e sold just like the rest of the slaves. The taxes from these slaves are collected NO MATTER who their direct proprietor is. We will list below some details regarding the affiliates\’ program.

  • ON heading Affiliates from the main menu you will find your personal link and the report regarding the number of the registered persons byway of your personal link

  • NO player can register in the game without another player\’s personal link. This means that everyone is the permanent slave of another player. This aspect is important because no one can cheat by erasing the affiliated code from the link. Without the affiliated code, your registration is denied. You can be sure from now on that if you post your personal link on other sites, everyone will register byway of it or NOT.

  • Permanent slaves are the players who registered byway of your personal link and have checked their telephone number by text message. You will find the list of permanent slaves on heading Battle / Permanent Slaves.

  • Permanent slaves can be sold for gold on a separate market, apart from that of the direct slaves. To put on sale a slave, go to heading Battle / Permanent Slaves and click on the button Sell in front of it. Make sure that you have checked first the prices on heading Slaves\’ Market / Permanent Slaves.

Partnership program

This program is unique on the players; market and offers you the possibility of effectively buying a piece of ANNO1777. You will also receive dividends from owned shares. The system is simple. In a usual game, all the advantages purchased by players are automatically withdrawn by the company which administers the game. In ANNO1777, these sums enter in a special fund named the game fund. The game fund has 10.000 shares available, of which 1000 had been put on sale. Any sum which the fund collects is distributed to shareholders depending on the number of shares owned. There are reports in real time regarding the earnings and the balance fund. You can find them on heading Partners from the main menu. The game fund has expenses but also earnings and the earnings are much above the expenses, so a share investment in this game is profitable.

First of all, in ANNO1777 all earnings and expenses of the fund are in EURO. When the shareholders\’ fund the amount of 1000 EURO is collected, the money will automatically be divided to shareholders, each one receiving 0.1 EURO/ share. The shares can be purchased in two ways. Directly from the game or from a secondary market. The secondary market is the market that the actual share owners can sell their owned shares. You can find this market on heading Partners / Secondary Market. Also on this page you can find the list with the last earnings of the fund. We will discuss below the sources of income and the expenses of the fund

The fund receives money when:

  • Advertising is purchased directly on site.
  • A slave is blocked
  • A travel is immediately closed
  • A battle is immediately closed
  • An operating license is purchased
  • A player withdraws virtual EUROS in real EUROS.

The fund spends money:

When a player recharges his account with real money, the fund generates 3 bonuses. The first one if the bonus for direct owner (10%). The second one is the bonus for permanent slave (10%) and the third one is the bonus for the budget state of the citizen who has recharged his account.


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