Painting Houses for Money

It is possible to make a decent amount of money simply by painting people’s houses in the vicinity of your metro area. Painting well and fast is a skill that can be mastered. You need people skills and painting skills to find clients in this field.

Painting houses is often a seasonal job. If you live in an area that is warm year round, you will have a better business opportunity. You’ll also want to look at the study your local area households. Every area has different economic zones, and some areas will be more profitable in general. You may also want to show you business plan to friends that are financial professionals so they may see that your strategy is solid.

Equipment needed

You’ll need to have several things on hand to start your painting job. You want to have 2 or 3 different length extension ladders, and you also need different types of paint brushes. You want rollers, as well as extensions for the rulers. You should probably have a book of different paint colors you can provide to your clients in-house. You can find this by partnering with paint providers. If you want low-cost start, you might even provide the paint that is available at a big box store. Just get a sample booklet from the store. You also need paint protecting gear, such as tapes and protective covers. The clients might judge you based on how clean your painting job is.

You also need painters. It would be better to hire people with experience, even though anyone can be trained to paint. The reason is you want to paint quickly and effectively with little damage done. If the person you hired does a bad job around the window, for example, you’ll have to go up to clean it afterwards. If you are starting by yourself, you need to pick jobs that you are comfortable with and can do good work. Referrals often come from previous jobs, so if you botch up a job you will take away the number of future clients coming your way.

How to find paint customers

The best way to find customers is to do thorough research on your client base. You need to have a marketing strategy and decide what type of people you want to work with. If you work with clients who are bad, you may not even get paid. You may need to hassle with going to small claims court and other things that are unnecessary.

You can start building a client base by going to friends and neighbors. Many people will also go to their community, such as a civic organization or a church. These people probably have a need and are mostly familiar with you to trust you. You need to build trust with your clients. From these people, if you do your work right you will find referrals, and you will need to advertise less. When you start advertising, pay attention to your budget.


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