Open A Coffee Cart Or Kiosk

Most people jump at the chance for a great cup of coffee, and if they see a stall, kiosk or cart serving up coffee at a decent price, they’ll leap at the chance. The smell of coffee is enough to win most people over!

So it stands to reason that opening a cart or kiosk can make you a decent amount of money if you do it right. Even if you don’t actually like coffee yourself, you’ll be providing a much needed and appreciated service to a lot of other people in your area.

And you don’t have to go it alone either.

Opening a coffee cart or kiosk isn’t one of the cheapest start up businesses you could choose. You obviously need to have the equipment and resources to be able to open up for business, and even if you lease them it will still cost you some money.

There is also the problem of trying to compete with other already well established – and well known – businesses, but you can get in on the act by going for a franchise.

There are a handful of franchise opportunities in this area in America, and while the idea of opening a fully fledged shop might not appeal to you, some of the franchises also offer you the opportunity to open a simple coffee cart if that sounds more like your type of thing.

The great thing about having a coffee cart is that it gives you a lot more freedom, as well as allowing you to get into business on your own terms. So long as you have the space to store it when not in use, you could still work a full time job during the week and start out by taking your cart out at the weekends, until you earn enough to think about reducing your working hours in your normal job and rely on your cart for more of your income.

You will obviously need to fund the franchise in the first place, but given the fact that coffee is a spur of the moment and very welcome purchase for a lot of people, you will start making your money back from the moment you first open for business.

You will of course need to like being in the outdoors, because although the carts are covered you will still feel the elements! You’ll also be able to offer a small range of food items in addition to coffee, so there is plenty of opportunity for add-on sales as well.

A kiosk is really the next step up and it offers the chance to be in a fixed position, which may suit you better than going here, there and everywhere with a cart. It also solves the problem of having to find room to store your cart. It’s a more permanent opportunity though, because you will need to be there full time to run it.

In short there are actually more opportunities in coffee than you might previously have realized! The decision you make on how to get started may depend on how much money you have to invest in the business, and what hours you can devote to it initially. It’s a good idea to work out some figures and try and speak to people who already run their own coffee cart or kiosk, to see what they think of it. If you don’t want to approach anyone personally, do a search online to find more information that way instead.

Can you smell the coffee already? If you can, maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Go and start your research now, because there is no time like the present to get going. But don’t forget to leave a comment using the form below!


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