Monetizing your website with adsense

You can make a good amount of money simply by monetizing your existing websites. If you currently have a website with lots of traffic, then you might just want to put some text ads on the side. There will be some tips on how to install and use adsense. This is common practice on blogging websites, and it is increasingly more and more seen everywhere across the internet.

Setting up your adsense

Essentially, if you have a working website with lots of good content and traffic, you can probably be allowed to run the adsense advertisements on your website. They either go on top, in the article, or on the side. All you do is apply and they will most likely give to you. You then set up a new campaign, and pick out your adsense advertisements. This is where you set up your campaign, and it’s important to set it up correctly. You can do some testing to determine the optimal keywords for your website.

If your website is about dogs, you don’t want advertisements unrelated to dogs, so be careful. Pick up your advertisements so that it conforms to where you want to put it on your webpage. After you finish setting up this banner or text box, you’ll be provided with an embedding code. Copy the text, and then log into your website or word press page to paste the text in the META code. If you have HTML, you might have to paste it directly where you want the location of the advertisement. You’re set for your first campaign!

Having good traffic on your website

Using text ads and banner ads is a good way to monetize, but something like adsense goes above and beyond by giving you data. This way, you can keep track of all advertising campaigns that you do, and make corresponding tweaks to improve your click-thru-rate (CTR). CTR is most important for doing at this rate, since it directly proportional to your payment. Not all payments are the same. Over time, your payouts will probably get larger as the adsense program trust you with more and more diverse ads. You may get more difficult ads that appear less frequently because that keyword is not heavily utilized.

You need to have targeted traffic that is deeply interested in your website topic, or else otherwise they will not click on your adsense advertisements. Even so, because of how common adsense appears now, people might actually avoid your advertisements. The simple solution is to put it a text box in the article, so readers can see any relevant offers that might help them in their situation. The last thing you need is spam on your website that confuses the reader, and makes it so that he does not return. You will want to study as much as possible about using the metrics of the adsense program. This will help you to monetize your website better in general, as well as get people to click on your ads better.


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