Means of transport

You can travel freely anywhere in the ANNO1777 world. And there are quite a few reasons to do so: for instance, you may need to make a research for a specific product’s price or availability abroad.

In case you decide to travel, all you have to do is click “Change Region” in the Statistics&Summary menu, then choose the country and/or region you want (you instantly get the distance in kilometers) as well as the means you want to use.
Transport in Anno1777
In ANNO1777 you can travel:
on foot, which is free of charge but also time-consuming. It also decreases your wellness: you lose 1% wellness for every 10 kilometers travelled.
by carriage, which is much quicker and doesn’t affect your wellnes. You can rent a carriage from another player or buy one by clicking Goods and then Transport. However, you can travel by carriage only within a country’s borderline.
by balloon, which is much faster and can get you abroad. You can access one the same way as the carriage. A balloon will not affect your wellness, but it’s a little bit more expensive than a carriage.


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