Making money with donations

Donations usually have a bad reputation. It’s akin to begging, and a lot of people feel uncomfortable with that. They think begging doesn’t bring any money, and only homeless people, who go to the side of the street, or bus stops, beg for quarters. But donations have been done for a very long time in many societies, and doesn’t have to mean begging. It’s a way to support someone or something, and a lot of people are willing to give out donations to the right person, including you.

First, it’s important to be careful about what donations can and cannot be used for. You can’t misrepresent what donations will be used for. Asking for donations and claiming they will go to a non-profit charity organization, when they really won’t be, is illegal. Making it seem like you’re asking for donations just because you don’t want to work isn’t any better. Donations are most successful when it’s to support a cause or a project. If you create something, whether it’s art, craft, or some type of project that can be seen and enjoyed, then you can ask for donations and people may want to support you. Both offline and online donations can work, and there’s ways to ask for donations without appearing like you’re begging. A button on the side of your web page, for example, asking for monthly donations to support whatever work you’re doing, can bring in some money.

If you’re really serious about donations, you could step it up and look into something called Kickstarter. This site is a place where people who have an idea go to and get money from everyday people. First, you need to come up with a project, something viable that could eventually make money. Then, you go to Kickstarter and you specify how much money you need. The best way to gain interest is to promise something in return. For example, if your project is to construct the first ever underwater habitation for artists to come in and be at peace while surrounded by fish, then you can apply for that project and offer various gifts to people who give, like a free trip in that habitat, or the ability to fish on top of it.

Finally, another way to get donations is to actually start your own charity. It can be anything that helps people or a specific cause. You need to be careful in this case however because there’s strict laws about what you can and cannot do as a charity, but if you’re successful, and you help people out with your donations, it could become an actual job for you, and you can then pay yourself a salary. As you can see, there’s many ways to make money with donations, and it doesn’t have to be simple begging.


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