Making money with an SEO business

A popular business that many get into is the SEO business. This is a field of internet marketing that can be sold to anyone that needs to rank in a search engine. Here we explain the mechanics of how to get into SEO marketing.

There are many companies that offer SEO services. The key difference is in pricing, pitch, and the effectiveness of the services. Some SEO services provide spam across the Internet. This provides spammed results and most of the backlinks will not stick for long, creating an incessant need for more SEO services. These guys latch on to unsuspecting victims and to start sucking them every month or may even sign them into contracts. In my opinion this is not how you do business. We have some tips about how to run a campaign below.

Finding customers

You can find customers using any regular off-line method. This can involve cold-calling, as well as pitching to small businesses. You can also try to pitch online and there is a good market available if you know where to list. You could try to list on Craig’s list, and you will probably find leads that way. Many people consistently think up new ways to find leads. That is fine; it is better to have at least one method that works and do it continuously.

When you’re out searching for customers, you need to know exactly what you’re pitching. A lot of business will be lost on people who have indecisive pitches. You need to do the proper planning before you get out there, otherwise it will be a big mess. You want to have a good conversion rate for cold calling; this may be as few as 2-6% points, so don’t give up prematurely.

Running a campaign

First thing that you need to do is to assess the competitiveness of your keyword and the amount that you will spend per campaign. This is an internal check you will do before and after meeting with potential clients. Some keywords are simply to competitive to take seriously when running an SEO campaign. If you use tools to help you do your SEO, make sure that you use more “white hat” technique. If you don’t know what you are doing and do too many bad techniques, you may penalize the website you are trying to rank. You will probably lose clients that way, so be careful what you do and does some research before you start trying new SEO techniques. You don’t want to mess up your campaign with unproven methods. Even if you hear good things, ask other practitioners to be sure.

There are many tools available on the market, you can find them by simply doing a Google search (no pun intended). However, you can also find a dedicated web developer to work for you. This is probably the easier way if you don’t know too much about SEO. You can find SEO people easily in the marketplace. They are often in the programming section.


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