Making Money with a Commission-based Sales Job

One good way to make more money on the side if you have the talent is through a commission-based sales job. These days many businesses are looking to hire salespeople, but they don’t have the money to keep them on staff. Therefore, they end up sending out requests for contract based sales and performance based sales positions. If you have talent in selling and closing the deal, then chances are you’ll be able to make some money on the side. We’ll show you where you can find these positions, and give some tips.

Finding sales positions

One good way to find employers looking for sales jobs is through craigslist. You have to be careful to avoid job postings that look like they might be spam. However, you’ll often able to find employers who want to hire, slightly off the table. Sometimes people are so desperate that they end up working part-time or full-time arrangements on a contractual basis, which is not supposed to be legal. You also want to make sure that the employer has a good reputation, and is not a front for scams.

You can also look in the newspaper for these commission-based sales positions. These will often have fierce competition, and are more suited for part-time and full-time jobs. You might be able to find a position where you can work at home. However, for newspaper listed jobs, nobody better to meet people at the office and earn a bit more about the industry. You want to sell things that you have expertise in and that you can understand.

The last way to find part-time commission-based sales jobs is through odd jobs like carnivals and fairs. Often times if you look a couple months before a local fair is supposed to open up, you can usually find a decent commission only position. Usually you have less flexibility, and you might end up selling things like vacuum cleaners.

How to excel at commission-based sales

Some people find sales a challenge in some able think it’s a piece of cake. If you’re one of the latter, then commission-based arrangements are for you. You have to be able to emphasize with your potential clients. Often times you might have to do things like cold call or use more cold prospecting techniques. You have to be able to prove your value to your customer and deal with rejection. One of the strongest traits of a good salesperson is the ability to deal with rejection. You have to understand that customers are not personally attacking you, but perhaps they just don’t like the product you’re selling.

Customers would like salespeople who can listen, make recommendations, and don’t drive a hard pitch. This is just common sense. Usually the most successful commission-based people have a knack for getting along with others. If you’re at a location where you cannot learn more about your customer, such as at a fair, then you can try complimenting them on an aspect of their dress. You need to connect with your clients, and that is a people-serving soft skill.


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