Making money flipping domain names

There’s many ways to make money online. Some are easier, or more evident than others. A lot of people try to blog, or write articles, or even use social media. But there’s areas on the Internet that aren’t so over-saturated, and can be a gem, a great way to make money quickly. Domain name flipping is one of these gems, something very few people know about, but that is bringing in a large amount of money to those who do it efficiently.

First, what is domain name flipping? Domain names are the names you type in your browser’s URL bar, such as or These domain names are actually products that can be bought and sold. Typically, when someone wants to start a web site, they go to a hosting provider or a domain name company and then buy the domain name they want there. That usually costs around $10 a year, and then they own the domain name, but they only use it to host their web presence. However, good domain names are very hard to find. The web is over 15 years old now, and all the nice names have been taken already. This means people who come in now and want a new domain name have to settle for a less than ideal one. That’s why the aftermarket for these things is so alluring. People who own good names can make a lot of money with them.

So where does the flipping comes in? Well, there’s sites out there for people to flip domain names, such as Sedo, one of the biggest domain flipping site. People can go there and look at the long list of domain names that others are selling. Then, they can bid on them, just like on an auction site, an buy them. After that, it’s up to you to find a buyer. Perhaps you know a small business who would like a particular domain name for their site, and you can go and buy it for them. Or perhaps you know that the domain name is worth more an can sell it right back on another auction site. Typically, the most valuable domain names are the short ones. If you can get your hands on a 3-letter domain, these are worth a fortune, because they are so rare. The idea here is to use scarcity to drive up domain. Another good tip is to look at domain names that recently expired. A lot of people don’t know how valuable some names can be, and when they don’t need theirs anymore, they just stop paying the yearly fee and let them expire. Once they aren’t owned anymore, you can quickly grab them and sell them to someone else.

Until you become good at flipping domain names, it’s unlikely you can make a living out of it, but if you’re good at spotting deals, this can bring in quite a bit of extra incoming. The important thing is to not have illusions of grandeur and gather a lot of useless names that you then can’t sell to anyone. Make sure you learn the ropes and go one name at a time.


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