Making money doing support calls

There are all kinds of jobs out there that one can do to make money. Home based jobs however can be rarer, yet are very sought after. Think about it, staying home, not having to deal with traffic and bad weather, yet being able to earn enough to live on, is a dream come true. But the key is to find someone willing to employ your skills to do something useful. One such home based job is being a support technician. You can make a lot of money by taking calls, in your own house, for various companies.

First, let’s define the various type of support technicians there are. There’s support people who provide technical help, such as help with a user’s computers or Internet connection, and these typically work for Internet providers or other computer based businesses. Then there’s generic, support type callers, who may need information about a product, or perhaps they want to subscribe to a service. These are more common, since they can be working for any number of companies. People who do this job will typically wait for callers from all around the world to call about a particular marketing campaign, and their task is to inform them, or take their orders. Finally, there’s also the direct caller marketing type. People who do that kind of work don’t actually wait for calls, they do outbound calling.

Regardless of the type you may end up doing, they all have some things in common. First, to be a home-based support caller, you need a phone line with a proper international call plan. It’s not rare that people in this business end up doing calls all over the world, so if you want your work to bring in money, you can’t end up paying a fortune in long distance calls. Also, the companies hiring for these jobs typically require a high speed Internet access, since they send you all the documentation and relevant materials via the Internet. Once you have the necessary equipment, you can go ahead and find a job as a support call representative or technician. Simply go to the various freelance sites like Elance or Freelancer, and look for these key words. Typically there’s always companies looking to outsource their call centers, and many of them take on home workers.

Overall, it’s fairly easy to get a job in this area, but it does require good organizational skills, and the ability to work fast and efficiently. You must also have a good voice, and be able to talk to people all day. But once you’re in this business, making money by doing support calls is a good way to earn a living, and it’s much more pleasant than having to get out of the house every day to go to work.


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