Making money by selling old stuff

With the economy the way it is, it’s no wonder that people try to make more money, because they often can’t get the salary they need to live on through a normal job. So you go out, try to find a second job, or some other way to earn more income. Yet, many people forget some easy ways to make money. It’s not always necessary to look for new opportunities when there’s some that are right at home. One such way is by looking around your home, and finding old stuff you don’t use anymore. Rather than keeping them, having old items gather dust, or worse, throw them away when you’re sick of having them in front of you doing nothing, you can sell them and make money.

A lot of people have items they don’t need anymore. These are things that once served a purpose, or were bought at one point, and you just don’t need anymore. Often, people don’t think about these things, they see them as old gear that were once useful but now do nothing, or worse, things that you’re telling yourself will be of some use one day. But in reality, we all know that these old skies, VHS tapes, or electronics from 5 years ago won’t be used anymore. Anything that is gathering dust will be less valuable next year than it is now, so instead of waiting, you can get some good money from selling them off right now. It’ll also make more space in the house, or better yet, maybe you will find even more items for you to sell, hidden behind the things you never use.

There are many ways to sell things. The traditional way is to host a garage sell. This is when you gather up everything that you don’t use, and put them in your garage, then open it up for everyone to come in and buy from you. A garage sell doesn’t actually require you to have a garage, you can sell on the sidewalk, or in someone else’s garage, but the term is the same. Also, while these are less popular than before, they are still used widely around the country. Typically, you should do these when you have a lot of items to sell. First, gather them together, and make some signs saying there’s a garage sale happening, along with your address. You can also pay for an ad in the local paper, although that’s not needed if you live on a street where lots of people usually go by. Then, open up for the day and wait for clients. The items that sell the best at garage sales are typically toys and old electronics, although furniture can be a good piece too.

If you have less items however, or if you would rather sell online, then there’s many other ways to do so. Perhaps the most popular is through auction sites, the biggest of which is eBay. You can sell almost anything on eBay. There are a few categories you cannot sell, but chances are your old stuff can go on there. Simply go to eBay, open an account if you don’t have one, and list your items for sale. If you don’t get any of the extra features, like an extended gallery, then placing an ad for your item is very cheap, usually around $0.50, depending on the price you’re asking. You should also open a PayPal account, as many eBay buyers expect to pay through PayPal.

Overall, there’s no reason not to sell your old stuff. They will bring in money and take less place in your home. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out that you actually don’t need such a big house too, and save more money by downgrading.


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