Making money by creating iPhone apps

Mobile apps are the future of computing, as evidenced by the extraordinary growth of smartphones everywhere, both in the US and worldwide. The iPhone is the first phone that really started putting mobile apps on the map, and making everyone aware of them. Prior to it, there were mobile apps, but they were usually made using Java, they were resource intensive and slow. But with the iPhone, apps suddenly became something people actually wanted to use, and to this day, the iPhone is still the king when it comes to apps. You too can get in that industry and learn to make money by creating iPhone apps.

Before you start your first app, you need to think about the type you want to create. Do you want to make games, complex applications, or simple apps? If you’re not a programmer, graphics designer, and you know no one with these skills, perhaps sticking with simple apps would be best for a start. There are sites out there that provide an easy to use interface to create such apps, and you don’t even need to learn programming to use them. You can literally have your app made inside of a day. The negative of course is that these simple apps usually don’t sell very well. If you’re serious about wanting to make iPhone apps, you will need to learn to program, and either learn to make graphics for those apps, or partner with someone who can make them.

iPhone apps are run on iOS, and are created using the iOS SDK, using a programming language called C#. The first thing to do before digging into the world of iOS programming is to register yourself as an Apple developer. This program costs $99 per year and is available on the company website. Once that’s done, you can then have access to the SDK, which is a series of libraries you will use to create your app. These apps must be made on a MacOS computer. Learning how to make these programs can take some time, and you shouldn’t rush through the process. There’s a lot of good books teaching how to program using the iOS SDK that you can take advantage of.

Once your app is done, tested, and packaged, then it’s time to submit it to Apple for review. iPhone apps are sold in the AppStore, and Apple checks each of them for quality control. Then, once it’s approved, your creation will finally be available for all, and people can then buy it. You will receive 70% of the revenues, paid every month to you. Overall, it’s quite possible to make good money by selling iPhone apps, and if you can overcome the initial steep learning curve, it could be a full time job for you.


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