Making money by creating art

Artists are said to make their works by passion, and to live poor for the rest of their lives. There’s some truth to that, but selling art you make can actually be a great way to earn money, if you know what to create and where to sell it. The art markets have changed over the years, and even though a lot of people have less money to spend on things like that, there’s always buyers for good art. Making money by crafting something with your own hands is quite possible.

Before you pick up a brush and start making something, you should check out where you can sell the art you will create, and what type of art sells. Chances are if you aren’t already an artist, you’re not going to be making something that can be sold to art galleries or museums. But thanks to the Internet, there are many other avenues through which you can use to sell your art. Sites like eBay are prime places for selling all kinds of items, and art is certainly one of them. Go to eBay, and look through the various art sections. You can spend a long time browsing through everything people have to sell. Pay particular attention to the right columns that say how much they are sold for, and how many people are currently bidding. There are types of art that do not sell well, and you’ll find no one bidding on them. However, there’s plenty of art pieces selling as well.

More often than not, traditional art sells better than digital art. There’s two reasons for that. First, it’s easy to copy a digital art piece, since it’s all bits, so you can’t really make an original. If you make one particular sculpture, then you can sell it as an original. Also, traditional art tends to sell for more because there’s just less people doing traditional works as compared to digital ones. So when you’ve done your homework and you know what you want to make, now is time to buy the equipment and start painting, sculpting, or crafting whatever type of art you’re going to make. Don’t expect amazing results right away, you may not be able to sell several items you do at the start. Also, there are styles that are easier to do than others. If you try to paint photo-realistic portraits, chances are you’re going to be very disappointed, as this can take years to master. However, doing impressionist work, using colors and shapes in innovative ways, can be much easier to do.

Once you have results you’re satisfied with, then it’s time to advertise them on the net. Go to eBay and other auction sites, and list your products. You can list as many as you want, but make sure to put a price that’s in line with what others are offering. Also be aware that eBay has a strict policy when it comes to art works, and you must agree to the fact that it’s an original work, and not copied from someone else. Once your listings are up, all you can do is wait and hope for the best, until the money starts coming in.


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