Making money by being a glass cleaner

If you think you should start a side business or make some extra money,, then try being a glass cleaner. This is a daring occupation since you have to be high in the sky sometimes. If you can overcome heights, then this job is for you.

The many ways to be a glass cleaner would probably lead you into gleaming skyscrapers, because this is where the need of glass cleaners is highest. One of glass cleaner can make decent amounts of money, since the job is risky and seems dangerous.

Starting as a glass cleaner

One good way to start out is by being employed through an existing organization. Here you can learn the skills needed to transverse the heights and do the job right. They will teach the proper adequate and safety procedures that you need to know to stay safe. You might start out cleaning houses, alongside services that clean. They might put you in an urban setting and see how you do. The glass cleaning business is mostly a numbers game. The more you clean, the more you make, and the more referrals you have.

Looking to get started, perhaps you can find a current business and contact them, saying that you want to learn how to become a glass cleaner. If you’re earnest, somebody will probably help you out. Be on time and mind your manners the first day. Don’t do what your boss wouldn’t do. If you like the thrill of going high up, don’t get too excited or they might assign you for this type of work exclusively. Pretend like everything is fine, and seem impartial so people don’t decide a role for you. You want your co-workers to respect you, since if you’re sharing the cleaning platform its you and the other guy’s life on the line.

Starting out on your own

Starting out on your own is probably only a good idea if you have experience. If you’re looking for more of a handyman position, all you need is probably a tall ladder to get started in residential areas. These guys will probably be less demanding. If you can start locally with people you know, they will have more patience with you. When you are a pro, your boss will expect you to clean a lot of windows in a short amount of time. Don’t be surprised if this is the way it works. If you are on your own, all you have to do is finish the work so the customer is pleased. Then he will give you referrals into other areas of town.

You may also want to check with your state and with professional organizations for glass cleaners. Everywhere has different requirements, and you may need a license to operate in your area. You may need to be certified by an organization before the government allows you to operate certain machinery legally. It is better to operate safely than to lose your business and be penalized later.


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