Making money by becoming a YouTube star

It used to be that to be seen on TV or in movies, you had to be a celebrity, an actor who went to acting school and was lucky enough to get a good gig. But now, with the Internet, anyone can be an actor, anyone can become a celebrity over night. There are cats that have been seen performing by millions and millions of people. Some YouTube videos are incredible, worthy of all praises. Others became viral just because they had the right ingredients to be successful. There are key things to remember that can help your own videos become popular, and make you a YouTube star, on your way to make a fortune.

First, you need to understand that none of this is a sure way to be successful. In entertainment, things change rapidly, and no one can completely predict how the viewers will react. Sometimes, very unusual things happen, like a singer that’s so bad, she gets over a hundred million views, launching her career, something that would never have been possible in traditional media. But again, while this happened once, it’s unlikely to happen again in the same way. Things just change too quickly. Still, your best bet is always to have something unique, something new and unseen before. Obviously that’s not easy, but if you do find this gem, that may just be your road to success.

Once you know what type of videos you want to do, you need to invest in a minimum of equipment. YouTube videos don’t need to be highly produced, but they do need to at least be filmed in HD quality, and have a minimum of editing done. The times when uploading a grainy, low quality video could be acceptable are long gone. Once you have your camera and mic, you can start filming. What you shoot depends on the topic you selected. It could be yourself, your animals, tutorials about something, or random visits at places you go to. Either way, you should start filling in your YouTube channel with content as soon as possible, and keep uploading videos regularly. This way, you can make fans and keep them satisfied with regular content.

Once you’ve done this, hopefully your video views will increase and then it’s time to think about making money. There are two main ways people with popular YouTube channels make money. First, you can sell merchandise and other exclusive items to your fans by promoting them in your videos. Second, once you’re popular enough, you can join the YouTube partners program, where the site will put ads in your video and give you part of the revenues. Making money with YouTube certainly isn’t for everyone, especially not people who are camera shy, but with a bit of perseverance and a good subject, anyone can become a YouTube star.


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