Making money as an actor

Acting is mostly a hobby for people, and it is very difficult to get established. All actors know that, but they accept the fact and try and get into a winning role. We have tips to help you get into a great role, provided you have the talent.

Many people who want to be actors go to acting school. This may or may not be an official, because often times recruiters would judge based on where you went to school. If you have a good reputation, it will be a lot easier to land professional acting job. The most important skill for an actor is patience, because the passport to acting requires many sacrifices. The worst thing you can do is to move to Hollywood, where living expenses are through the roof, and work as waiter.

You can establish yourself by working through networking. If you’re the big fish in your small city, perhaps you can get a referral to somebody higher. This makes you more relevant to the eyes of people who, for example casting in Los Angeles. The only way you will get noticed, is if somebody promotes you. This could be someone else who’s already established and has decided you are rising talent, or could be an agent.

In the meanwhile, you can probably make money for community plays and community performances. You’ll probably have to take roles that you would not care for, but that’s a given. You can work your way up, and most important element is time. Remember to keep your body in shape and don’t smoke or drink too much. Hollywood is quite vain and appearances do matter unfortunately. Keep your assets and remember your talents, no matter what people may say to you at any given time.

There are also many festivals where artists and actors alike can get themselves noticed. If you find a small team of enthusiastic movie makers, perhaps you’ll be able to land in a good movie. Perhaps you’ll be able to get noticed through an indie movie festival. There’s no way to guess who in the audience will make you a star, so be nice to everyone, even when they are rude to you.


If you went to school somewhere, you may want to talk to your alumni network. Find some other successful actors and actresses, and maybe they can help spare you some of the tough times. It’s worth the shot and there’s nothing to lose. Sometimes, if you did good quality work, someone at your school may vouch for you.

Other times, if you’ve got fans, perhaps someone can help you out. Don’t forget about anybody and don’t lose your head if you break through. Your standing is only as good as your popularity, which can change overnight. Most people who want to act will ignore this advice, and find themselves scratching their heads later. Try to land an acting role in a play that you had training for. Take classes at the local professional theatre.


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