Making money as a personal cook

If you like to cook, you can make money with it. You can provide cooking services to people as the personal cook they’ve always wanted. Here are some tips on how to get started.


Not everyone can enter this field. If you cook for the public, you may need a license. Check with your state government to find out if this is true for your area. People who are comfortable cooking for others will probably have lots of experience. You need to be able to cook well before you can cook for others. One way to prove this is too cook for some friends and some strangers you might meet. Some people don’t have an objective opinion of their cooking, and this can be a hindrance.

If you have a background, or went to culinary school, this is even better. You can network with classmates and colleagues to find people to cook for. Word of mouth is still the best way to find customers for a business, and as a private cook you will want to find qualified clients. You can learn your way through this field, but it requires close observation, and learning presentation skills as well. Even if you cook well, you have to be able to adjust minute preferences that your clients will expect. Sometimes your clients will even have incorrect expectations of what your food should taste like- in this case it is better to find other clients who can appreciate you.


You should watch for timeliness, as well as what is required from the client. Chances are they will be in a wealthier group of people. Make sure you can cook the cuisine that they like. These people could eat out perfectly fine every night, so you want to produce professional results. Of course, there may be other special arrangements. For example, you could list your services on Craig’s List. You could try to juggle in between several clients, and perhaps someone will hire you to be on staff for them. You probably need some recommendations as well in your resume.

One way to distinguish yourself is to list your experience as specialties. Everyone likes different types of food, and you want to qualify your potential clients by helping them find the right cook. If you like to cook Asian cuisine, then stick with it and advertise yourself as such. You will find a client base that is stronger and will resonate with you better.

You should also have some signature dishes that make you stand out from the crowd. This is as much a display of expertise, as it is of artistry. Clients will appreciate that you share your private recipes with them. A signature dish should be paired with a good wine, as well as some other signature desserts and other entrees. You want to have this available in a resume as well, so clients know who they are hiring. From here, you may find other clients through referral.


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