Make More Money with Your Offline Advertising

These days, with the growth of the Internet, many business people would rather advertise online. Clever, but there is still a good value to traditional off-line advertising methods, and many industries still will respond better off-line advertising. Here are some small tips to help you make more money with your advertising campaign.

The purpose of advertising is to drive more interest and traffic to your business. With traditional print advertising, you can gather people who read the mail. These people might be more traditional or older, and they might not even use the internet for shopping local retailers. You will get people in the area you advertise to respond.

Print media

This is a field that many people who rely less on technology will utilize. You want to start with some traditional print media. There are many options to enter print media, as well as to advertise. Mostly, print media is used for mailing, but it could also be for display marketing. There are other more innovative ways to advertise your business offline as well. Some people like to advertise their business in weekly flyers. This is a more costly option, and you want to study how the advertisements are made before you list. If you get annoyed at an advertisement, chances are other people will as well, since the design is unprofessional.

You want to carefully choose and research the demographics of people going to your store. Will the print media option you choose have a circulation with current client’s residences? If you advertise in the wrong space it negates your customer opportunities.


You can advertise with postcards, like many businesses do. Chances are you get this type of mail to your residence all the time. Ask yourself what makes you pick up the postcard and read it? The response rate is a bit lower, but it still is a very solid number in advertising. The response rate may vary but it usually hovers around 3% if your advertising campaign is done well. There are reasons consumers will respond. Perhaps it is something like a unique design or an offer that is too good to refuse. Sometimes a guy will even slip it into your mailbox without a stamp. In my opinion this does not look professional. You want to achieve a good image by your delivery method.

These days you can do a digital postcard as well. This is like emails, but it doesn’t have to be. Some people augment their postcards with online features, or they may include a web address. This is all fine, but you should try to gather data on what makes your particular clients respond. Clients may choose to do business with you for all types of reasons. Perhaps they want to try something new. If you can ask those who respond, with a coupon, why they chose you, you will know to target these customers better. The best circumstance is a repeat customer that found your business through your advertisement.


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