Make Money With Public Domain Works – Virtual Property Tycoon

It’s not often that someone releases a product that makes the marketing world stand up and take note. Too often these days the products released by marketing gurus are just the same rehashed product the last “guru” released.

No one could say that about Ed Walters’ Virtual Property Tycoon.

Virtual Property Tycoon, or VPT for short, is a recently released product that sheds new light on the boom in online real estate.

For many years it has been obvious to even the wet behind the ears newbie that selling web sites, or virtual real estate, has been big business. The problem is it takes a lot of marketing know how, or cash, to get into this business.

Or should I say it did before Ed Walters blew the lid off his secret strategy for turning information he gets online, which he doesn’t pay a penny for, into pay days of thirty grand to sixty grand within a couple of months.

I’ll say that again. Ed doesn’t spend a penny and still manages to “flip” this information anyone can get online into huge bumper pay days.

So how does he do it? Well I don’t want to give all of Ed’s secrets away here. It wouldn’t be fair on the guy as there is clearly a lot of work put into this course (which you can’t say about most products these days. Sadly). But I will say it involves the public domain.

The public domain is the secret of many, many millionaire business owners.

Ed does a great job of describing it in his report found at I suggest if you’re the type of person who looks for an easy way to make some quick and pretty huge pay cheques you check this out.

There’s a great report you can read there and it won’t cost you a dime, click here


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