Make Money With Pay Per Click Arbitrage

You’ve probably heard of Pay Per Click – the method of paying for your ad to appear high up in search engine listings and literally paying for every occasion that someone clicks on that ad.

But you may not heard of Pay Per Click arbitrage. That’s probably because it isn’t talked about much in internet circles when compared to other potential money making opportunities. Some people regard it as slightly underhand but others do it as a matter of course and make a considerable amount of money as a result.

But is it for you?

First of all, if we are going to understand what Pay Per Click arbitrage is all about, we need to get a definition for the word arbitrage. It might be familiar to you but not many people can actually say what it means.

Put simply, it’s the process of buying something from somewhere and then selling it somewhere else. So in this case what happens is that the person in question buys their clicks from a large search engine – like Google or Yahoo – and then gets rewarded by redirecting those people who click on their ads to another set of ads on their website, which they then get paid more for, thus making a profit.

Sounds confusing? It can be to begin with, but think of it like this. Everyone is familiar with Google Adsense, which is the program you can sign up for to put ads on your website. When someone clicks on one of those ads, you make some money. With Google AdWords however, you are paying for your own ad to be clicked on.

The same applies to Pay Per Click Arbitrage. What you do is set up a page which basically has a whole range of adverts on it. You get access to these ads by signing up for the equivalent of Google Adsense, but you sign up with a secondary search engine instead because they often give you a better payout.

Then you advertise with Pay Per Click to find the people who will be most likely to click on the ads on your site. Not all of them will go on to do that, but if you can get enough people clicking through you can make a profit by taking the cost of the Pay Per Click program off the profit you are making from your ads.

The secret to success here is to know which areas to advertise in. Do some research and find some profitable niches to focus your attentions on. The idea is to start with one small single page website and expand that experiment to include several others once you have got the hang of it.

Make sure you pick a good domain name for each one as well. If it is relevant then you should rank higher in the search results. Keep on top of your efforts and monitor your results to see how you can better your profits.

If you are itching to get your first web page up and running, do some more research before you get started. There is a lot to learn with this method of making money – far more than can be covered in a single blog post such as this. But once you get bitten by the bug you’ll find it hard to stop at just one site!

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