Make Money With Local Businesses Advertising Brochures

All businesses need to advertise. That’s a fact of life. But what this means is that there is money in it for you if you can offer to help businesses in your local area promote themselves to the people in your neighborhood.

While a lot of people make do with pushing leaflets promoting their business through letterboxes, a well thought out advertising brochure has a lot more perceived value in many people’s eyes – and therefore tends to be kept more readily.

If you can get the interest of a lot of local businesses you could soon be reaping the rewards…

An advertising brochure can be more like a small booklet if you have a few pages in it. The premise is simple – create an advertising structure which offers full page ads, half and quarter page ads and small eighth page display boxes, as well as classified adverts near the back, and offer deals to local businesses for advertising for three months or more at a discounted price.

The ad prices should cover the cost of getting the brochures set up and printed, as well as having them distributed around the local area (although you can do this part yourself to begin with until the cash really starts to flow, as it will help to keep your initial costs down).

The idea is to make the overall brochure as valuable as possible, so if you can encourage people to offer vouchers for money off deals then the brochure stands a much higher chance of being kept for longer. You can also add value yourself by researching your local area and including one or two articles about it in each issue.

As for frequency, every month is a good bet since any more than this and it won’t get noticed. People will automatically start to think that they may as well bin it as there will be another one through next week. Any less frequent than a month apart and the businesses won’t get the full effect of the advertising.

As far as businesses go, this one doesn’t involve a lot of money down to get it started, although you can offer special deals to get people interested. Let’s say for example you offer people the first issue’s advertising spot free, if they pay for the following two months up front. That is a good deal as it gives them a boost to their advertising for free initially.

Once you have the brochure underway and you have got a couple of issues out, you can think about delivering more brochures each month, or perhaps even starting up a new one in a new area. If you build the cost of getting someone else to deliver them for you into the price of the adverts, you can concentrate on building up a portfolio of brochures that are distributed in several areas close to where you live. Over time this could become a real money spinner.

If you’re good with people and you like the idea of creating your very own brochure to distribute among your local neighborhoods, then why not get started now? Remember to leave a comment below first though!


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