Make Money With Collectables

Who doesn’t love collectables? Truth is, there is a huge market for them and if you know what sells and where to get it from, it’s not rocket science to be able to flip it for a profit.

Knowledge is the key to success here – the term ‘collectables’ covers a lot of ground and so you need to decide which area you are going to concentrate on. By specializing in a particular area you are far more likely to make a lot of money by selling them, since you will know exactly what to buy in the first place.

Let’s find out more.

So which area of collectables should you pick? It could be that there is a particular area of collectables that appeals to you over all the others for some reason, or it could simply be that you have stumbled over a particular type that seems to sell really well.

Whatever the case may be, your first task is to find a source of that particular type of collectable that you can go to on a regular basis. EBay can be a good idea; watch out for badly listed products as these go for much less than they normally would. Misspelled items and ones ending at strange times often fetch less than their competition so keep an eye out for items like this. It’s also worth having a look in the wholesale or bulk lots sections, since you can buy in bulk more cheaply and divide up the lots to sell each item separately to make an overall profit.

You could also visit yard sales and similar venues to look for stock that you can sell on eBay. Many people are happy to get rid of what they see as junk, and you can snap up some great bargains at these places once you know what you are looking for.

EBay is a good way to test the market for your particular kind of collectable, since you can search the completed listings to see how well they are selling, and what they are currently selling for.

If you have access to enough stock you can also think about setting up your own market stall at a local fair or market, enabling you to sell directly to customers. It all depends on how comfortable you feel doing that; some people prefer selling online and going out to buy instead.

Whatever way you decide to conduct your business, always make sure you keep an eye on how your own area of collectables is doing. Many items fall out of favor sooner or later, only to be replaced by something else instead. By paying attention to what the rest of the market is doing you can start looking for stock in alternative areas before the need arises. It’s simply a way of protecting your interests and making sure you are always supplying the customers with what they want.

Like the idea of selling collectables you might have played with yourself as a kid? Why not start that research now to sell if other people like it as much as you do? Don’t forget to leave a comment below first though!


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