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I was recently contacted by Kelly Felix who asked me if I would like to review his product Bring The Fresh. Since I am always on the lookout for fresh new ideas and SEO strategies I graciously accepted a free membership to Bring The Fresh in order to have a look through and post this review.

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Ok, so lets get into the review:

What Exactly Is Bring The Fresh

It has a bit of a strange name, but Bring The Fresh is actually a system that will teach you how to build profitable websites, get them ranked in the search engines and get them generating income for you.

The creators of Bring The Fresh are Kelly Felix and Mike Long. Both guys have been around internet marketing for many years and have had some astonishingly successful websites in the past. (7 figure businesses).

Here Is Just A Small Sample Of What You Will Find Inside Bring The Fresh:

  • You will discover how anyone can build a simple website in about 45 mins even if you have never built a website before. It’s really a simpler than most people think.
  • Learn the key to a successful website – Choosing the right keywords to target. Get this wrong and you will find it 100 times harder to build a successful site.
  • The simple way to get tons of people to link to your website. This is the number 1 ranking factor that you simply must have in order for your site to rank well in the search engines.
  • How to uncover “starving crowds” of people who are desperate for your product or service. This is a sure way to success, find a problem, solve it, and people will gladly pay you for it.
  • You will also get a “Behind The Scenes” Look inside Mike & Kelly’s past business successes. This is one thing that money can not usually buy for any price.
  • You will also get full access to Mike & Kelly, including their Skype addresses and person Cell numbers. They truly are determined to help their members achieve their own success.
  • Access to a Private Members Only Support forum where you can ask questions and have them answered by Mike & Kelly or one of their hand picked moderators.
  • All up there there are over 30 video tutorials on pretty much every subject you need to know to get your own sites up and running and generating income.

Bring The Fresh – The Good, The Bad & The Very Very Ugly

Let’s start with the good, there are some great ideas presented in the training videos. Mike and Kelly clearly know their stuff. They have both been extremely success in their own online businesses, running 6 & 7 figure online businesses in the past. The private members forum is also a great resource where you can ask the guys any specific questions you have and get great feedback.

Now for the bad. There are some parts of bring the fresh that I think could be improved. Personally I think the videos are a bit long winded, I don’t really like video training all that much, I prefer to be able to skip through to the bits that interest me. But then I have been doing this for over 10 years now, and already have quite a few sites ranking number #1 for their target keywords. so I know a lot of the basic stuff.

So for someone just starting out who is yet to build their first income generating site, then it’s probably worth the extra time to watch all the videos to fully understand the strategies.

And of course the Ugly. I have to say (Sorry Kelly) but the design of the site leaves quite a bit to be desired. I’m not sure what they were going for, with the name or the design, but ultimately it doesn’t matter what it looks like if the content is good enough. (Which I believe it is)

Is Bring The Fresh For You?

Only you can answer that. Bring The Fresh does deliver on its promises though. It is not a “One Click Wonder” type of system where they promise you riches at the push of a button. It contains solid information about how to build a real lasting online business. Real Businesses do take some work to setup though. So if you are looking for a “Get Rich Quick” type of product that promises you untold millions without having to do any work for it, then I am sorry but this is not for you.

If however you realize that in order to create anything of value, you need to do some work for it. Then I recommend taking a look at Bring The Fresh, it just might be what you are looking for.

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Bring The Fresh – Special Bonus

If you decide that Bring The Fresh is for you, then I would like to sweeten the pot, with a bonus offer. So if you do join Bring The Fresh through one of the links on this page, I am happy to offer you a copy of my own “21 Step Guide To Building An Online Income”.

This is a PDF manual that I put together which explains each of the 21 steps that I use to build my own websites. A lot of the stuff in this guide is similar to the stuff you will learn in Bring The Fresh. But with my own spin, and personal experiences in it.

This process has enabled me to build several websites that now generate on average 10 to 14k per week in revenue. It has also been sold as part of a $5,000 Home Study Course. So I belive that it holds a fair bit of value.


In order to claim your bonus, simply post a comment below with your clickbank receipt number and use your real email address so I can send you your bonus.

That’s it, now click here to checkout Bring The Fresh for yourself.


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