Make Money With A Topical Article Directory

Have you ever heard of article directories? If you have you’ll know they are stuffed full of articles on all kinds of subjects. They are also available for free so that anyone can download articles to put on their own websites.

So how exactly can you make money with one of these sites? After all if you’re not charging authors to list their content with you and no one is paying for it, there wouldn’t seem to be any actual money in it… would there?

Article directories are one of the best ways to get seen online. By writing and submitting lots of articles relating to your own particular business niche you will gain a great amount of exposure – and if you decide to run your own site you will get many more benefits as well.

The first thing you will notice with many article directories is that they get tons of traffic. If you can start your own by putting some of your own articles on it you’ll soon attract loads of authors who will want to post their own on there as well.

The first step is to find some article directory software to download. This is essential to be able to design and maintain your website, and needless to say you will need to think of a good domain name for your article directory, as well as getting hosting for it. You can sometimes find this software offered legitimately for free, and the best place to look is on some of the article directories themselves

The way you will make money with an article directory is to sign up to Google Adsense and plug your code into every page of your site. What will happen is that topical adverts will appear next to every article you publish on your site, so that topical articles on business will have relevant adverts displayed next to them, and topical articles on the internet will again have appropriate adverts appearing next to them too. On and on it goes, through each topical category and article on your site. The more articles you publish the more ads are served!

Even though most ads will only get you a cent or two for each click through, just imagine the number of click throughs you could get when you have thousands of articles displayed in all kinds of subjects on your article directory. With the right software you could soon be making a mint for very little work at all.

One point to bear in mind – make sure you choose a good web host that will automatically upgrade you to the next level of hosting when your traffic goes above a certain level. You could be getting a lot more traffic than you bargained for!

And don’t forget that thousands of people every day could be seeing the home page of your directory. That means that if you have an advert you could put there that would interest them, you are likely to make a lot of sales from that too. Sign up as an affiliate for a specific product and watch the commissions roll in.

So perhaps it’s time you started thinking about creating your own directory? Leave us a comment in the box below and then get started!

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